Influential Laws/Beliefs That Govern Your Life – Part 4

rule 4Law of Deliberate Change

This is a deliberate intent to select a belief system you no longer with to have and change it through denial and affirmation to one you choose to believe!

The deliberate intent is when you say “I don’t want to believe that anymore”. It has nothing to do with truth or what you believe to be truth, accuracy or what you believe to be accurate, what somebody told you, or what you read in the newspaper. Those don’t count.

Anything that needs to be changed is anything you believe puts a limitation on you. If it’s limiting, it’s not true and it should be changed.

This is the law that removes any or all limitations.

If you have a feeling or belief you want to change, look at it as “where was your authority on this? Who was your authority and how accurate could they be?”

For example, if you wanted to do some investing and didn’t think you could do them well, the stock market wasn’t good and you asked your uncle. He was in poverty and people had to subsidize him. He’s NOT a good one to ask.

Get your feelings out of the way and say “that is not my truth. I do not believe I am going to be limited in any way for investments. I will have all knowledge and all understanding.

Then do your denials and say “My truth is not to lose money in the stock market. My truth is always to earn money in the way I have chosen.”

Then you use some wisdom and understanding. “Reveal to me the person who can help me the most with good, positive, productive, wealthy investments”.

You are setting yourself up to bring in the Law of Attraction. Create in your mind the person who can help you the most. You can say things like “I no longer choose to believe this.” If you know who your authority was, you can say “my authority was not accurate.” Most of our beliefs come from someone else’s opinion. Opinions don’t count. Statistics don’t count. None of these things count when you’re working with spiritual substance.

Any limitation can be removed by recognizing that you have the power and understanding to realign your subconscious with success rather than limitation.

You start off using denials and affirmations to change that belief system. Say that your authority was not accurate and you will not be limited by someone else’s opinion. If you keep emphasizing that they were someone else’s opinion, you realize they are based on what people think and what they were told. They can come down through the generations.

Use this anytime someone says you can’t, you shouldn’t, you don’t know enough about it. Anytime someone gives you the steps you have to take. You can eliminate some of the steps.

Use it anytime you feel insecure. Anytime you feel afraid. Anytime you feel uneasy about your next steps. Anytime you believe something is difficult.

The Law of Deliberate Change comes into play when you simply say “I do not choose to believe this any longer. What I believe is that all things are possible because I say so.” You finally realize you can do something about your own life. You are not just a puppet.


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