7 Main Aspects of God – Love

The Aspect of Love from Emmet Fox’s The Seven Main Aspects of God.

If you really want to see changes in your life, take one of these aspects every day and say it all day for months. It will cure any problem that you have. It will stop any lawsuit. It will transform any relationship.

Recognition is the thing I’ve been hammering on forever. Sometimes we’re in our own little world. We don’t know what’s going on around us. We can sense change, but not enough to do something about it.

When you’re on a spiritual path, you will be making changes in your life. Some of the people you call “friends” will be moving out of your life. You’ll have others who move in, but there will be times every now and then when you say, “Where did everybody go? Is there something wrong with me?” All of a sudden there’s this big change. It’s normal.

Let’s say you have 30 friends around you. When you’re on a spiritual path and they’re not, your vibrations, thoughts and feelings don’t match anymore. You might want to have more harmony in your life, and the people around you are in the midst of chaos. If other people are in the midst of chaos, there has to be a separation.

If we are entertaining thoughts of frustration, disharmony, pain or suffering, and we don’t turn the past loose, that will affect the people who can’t come into our lives anymore because there’s not room for them.

This is why we use denials in this church. Denials clear the path to let the new come in. They give you ideas of things you need to let go. If it’s not serving you anymore, you need to let it go.

It’s like parents going to PTA meetings after their children finish college. Let it go. That’s not your purpose anymore. That did you well when your children were small, but it doesn’t do well for you anymore. It’s hanging onto things that we have completed.


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