7 People Who Have Touched Your Life This Year

Multicultural smile Today’s list is a result of the massive house decluttering I’ve been doing this holiday season. As I was going through pile after pile, photograph after photograph, card after card, I realized that my life really can be measured by the people whose lives I have touched and influenced (hopefully in a positive way).

Remember how we talk about thoughts are energy. Well, what people think about us is what’s going to be our legacy – not all the “stuff” we have. No one really cares if you have a Mercedes or a bicycle. They care, perhaps, what you do with the vehicle. Does it take you to volunteer somewhere? Does it give someone else a ride keeping them from having to be out in the cold or the heat?

How we affect other people is what’s really important in life. Do we make them smile? Do we make them cry or shy away? Do we help them grow and sometimes even make them grow despite all their efforts?

Today your 2015 inventory will be all about the 7 people who have touched your life this year. But don’t just write down their names. Write down HOW they have touched your life. You may not even know their names but you know “who” they are and what they did for you.

This list should complete your basic  inventory and get you ready for planning for 2016 beginning tomorrow!


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