7 Things You’re Grateful For This Year

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Today should be a slower day than what you’ve been through during this whirlwind period – before the coming week of New Years events. So, take a moment and jot down 7 things you’re grateful for this year. But do it right and really reach back to think about what happened last January, February, March etc…you get the picture. We tend to only remember what happened today or yesterday and maybe last week. I use a calendar not only for my schedule but to record what goes on each day. Some people use a diary but I find it difficult to remember to open up a calendar for the scheduling and then later to open up the diary.  Since 2006 I’ve used a software program (Anytime Organizer Deluxe) that has everything I need in it – a calendar, a section for notes, addresses and much much more. This allows me to keep everything in one place and all I need to do is scroll back through the months (or years if necessary) to see what happened in my life.  I recommend this practice for any and all of your medical symptoms and procedures. Write down if you have a sore throat. It might go away but if it doesn’t then you’ll immediately have the answer asked first when you go to the doctor – “how long have you had this?”

But I digress….the point is to make sure you review the entire year and assess the ultimate outcome from something that happened. It is distinctly possible that something that appeared to be a negative happening at the time might have led to something very positive. For instance, someone might have lost their job but as a result either gotten a better job or met the love of their life at a new job.

Gratitude is the most powerful force in the Universe! Take some time to write down these things today.



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