7 Things You’ve Accomplished This Year

Accomplished word on file folder tab for jobs, tasks, projects or goals that are finished, achieved or completedToday is a day for you to brag…so to speak. I want you to dig deep, review the year and write down the 7 most significant things you’ve accomplished this year. It could be a goal you set for yourself; it could be something spontaneous that occurred out of the blue but you consider it an accomplishment; it could be something tangible or intangible; it could be personal growth; it could be health; it could be relationship oriented; it could be doing something you’ve never done before; it could even be taking something that you weren’t really happy about and turning it into something positive.

Take some time on this. It’s easy to quickly jot down 7 things but I want these lists to be meaningful and reflect your entire being.

Enjoy the journey. What you learn from this list will continue to shape your script for 2016.


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