A Terrific Meditation

Since it’s Sunday and Sunday is a great time for meditation, I thought I would talk about something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a couple of weeks now.

  Have you been looking for a great meditation?

I really want to promote “Magical Meditations 4 Kids” – produced by my friend Heather Bestel. 

She’d probably cringe at this but, as the name says, this is a series of meditations for kids.

However, I have listened to the “Magic Castle” several times and think it’s s perfect metaphysical  meditation for ADULTS!

Heather leads you through a “wishing well” – the equivalent to our “Burning Bowl”. But it’s so much simpler than even the Burning Bowl.

Once you reach the castle, you have rooms to choose from – you can see all the trophies you’ve won and on each trophy is a listing of what that trophy is for – and YOU create them. Depending on how you feel that day you can pick up whichever trophy you want. You hold it and remember how you felt when you reached that achievement. Then you can put it back and pick up another one. And YOU control everything.

 You can even listen to  samples of The Magical Meditations.

 There’s another room with your wishes and dreams. You can pick a dream or a wish and hold it, imagine what it would be like if it came true.

Heather’s voice is so soothing. It’s easy to be transported to this Magic Castle. And even though I knew I was listening to a kid’s meditation, I felt energized and full of success.

Pick up your copy for you or for your kids. Our kids today need to get started on the right track. They need to have ways to build their self-esteem – in addition to what you, as a parent, instill in them.

 The Magic Castle

Pick up the whole package while you’re at it.

You won’t be sorry! Pick it up for yourself and have your kids listen with you.



p.s. earnings disclaimer – I am an affiliate for Heather’s products and I will receive a portion of the price of purchase.


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