Acceptance or Resistance

acceptance v resistanceNo, you can’t add the intermediate “uncertainty” because that’s not really an intermediate – it’s a form of resistance.

When talking about Universal Law and when talking about life in general, you are either accepting something or resisting it.  Life goes much better for you when you accept things. Even if it’s a less than desirable “item” it’s best to accept it. Then you can change it to whatever you want.

Awareness and recognition are such important qualities when it comes to this topic. If you are aware that you are resisting something, you can then make a decision to change that state (the state of resistance). Once you recognize what it is you are  REALLY resisting, then that makes the change so much easier.  Sounds complicated but the two do build on one another. Although you can be aware that you are resisting something and not know exactly what it is, usually the act of becoming aware is like turning your flashlight on low beam. You can begin to see some sort of outline and begin to identify the object.

Once you have a bit of light on the subject, it’s amazing how quickly definition and subsequent recognition follow. If you think about your own past experiences, you know that some definition even if not complete can lead you to identifying what something is. If it has the outline and positioning of a couch, you know that it probably is a couch. Sure, you may not know exactly what color or style it is, but you know what it is and what it’s for. That’s the kind of recognition we’re after here. Specifics will naturally follow since you’ll be adding more light as you pay more attention to the subject.

Acceptance of where you are and where you’ve been led is vital because acceptance will then decrease the amount of stress in your life. Even when there is a bad situation such as an illness or financial crisis, your stress level will decrease once you accept it. Most of the time we have a great deal of stress because we don’t know what’s going on or what we’re going to be able to do about it. However, if you sit back, take a deep breath and accept that it (the situation) is here in your life, then you can relax a bit. Once you tell yourself “ok, I am having this problem – that’s a fact. I accept it. Now I shall go about dealing with it and changing the outcome using the Law of Attraction.” No one is saying that acceptance means you’re happy about the situation. Sometimes I think people feel I’m saying that. It’s simply an expression of fact. Sometimes just the act of acceptance will even ease the situation. If you continue to worry about what a particular symptom (or situation) means, then you attract more of the same and things feel worse and then get worse. Take a sore throat for example. If you continue to worry about that sore throat and then find the swollen glands in your neck and worry about them, then you are liable to jump to the next conclusion – that you have a cancer of the lymph nodes. This is even worse if your best friend is Google.

If you, instead, simply say “I have a sore throat. I will either wait a few days to see if it gets better or I’ll call a doctor and I’ll get better soon.”, you’ve stated a fact (you have a sore throat) and you’ve listed two decisions you can choose from (wait or call the doctor). You’ve also made another decision (that you’ll get better).  You’ve moved forward out of the worry spin cycle and are into the positive action mode. In a few days if you’re still having a sore throat, you don’t get panicky because that was a choice you made recognizing that you might or might not get better and low and behold you have NOT gotten better so you now will call the doctor. There’s no going round and round about having cancer or some other immune disorder or ebola or something else weird. You’ve remained calm throughout all of this. No one is saying that you’ve felt ok because the fact is you still have a sore throat. But, you have remained calm and been able to stay alert and focused in the positive direction of decision making. In so doing, you’ve worked the Law of Attraction to your benefit and your emotional agony is minimized. When you clear yourself of as much emotional excess as possible, your thinking process is much clearer. I don’t want to go into this today but EFT is a phenomenal way to help clear that emotional excess or baggage.

All I ask is for you to stop each time something happens and ask if you are accepting it or resisting it. Just doing that will lead you along the rest of the path now that you’ve been exposed to it. See how your outlook changes when you do this. See how your life changes too.


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