Action Steps From “12 Conditions of A Miracle”

I don’ t know if you’re familiar with the book, “12 Conditions of a Miracle”,  but you might consider picking it up. We did a teleseminar on  it and I felt it was one of the best teleseminars we’ve done. Anne went over things that were in the book but added her “Anne-isms” which always provide practical steps to take to apply the principles in your life. So, I thought I’d share those with you today..

Instructions from Anne on “The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle”

In order to make this work it requires your attention.  Spend a minimum of 30 minutes twice a day.
Begin with step one tonight.   Create a big vacuum.   Be willing to let go of everything that interferes
with your dream/miracle.  You will be surprised at the things you decide to get rid of.  Use denials in every category of your life.  Let go of things, people, situations, anything that prevents your miracle
from occurring.

Day 1: (Create Emptiness)
Meditate twice a day for 30 minutes creating your alignment and meditating on the energy flow into your life.

Day 2: (Create Alignment)
Ask by being specific in colors, events, praise, appreciation, gratitude, bring feeling in and establish the cause that brings about the effect you have chosen.

Day 3
:   (Create a Strong Asking Power)
Take this day to inventory and act upon how you can utilize what you already know to strengthen your resolve.

Day 4:   (Maximize Your Resources)
Spend  30 minutes meditating and making affirmations on the joy of knowing your potential and 30  minutes on appreciating your new insights.

Day 5:  (Be Giving in Things That Matter)
Spend 4 segments of 15 minutes each.

1st segment choose new ways you can give.  Think of giving yourself by doing nice things, writing notes, giving a book,  teaching a class, helping a neighbor, making a phone call to someone you haven’t seen in a long while.

Then take the other 3 segments and do these things for someone.

Day 6:  (Stay Grounded)
Spend your drive time appreciating the scenery, even when it isn’t very pretty.

Bless the city you live in, bless your house, bless the people on the streets.

When you get home, look around at what you have surrounded yourself with.

Enjoy things that you have collected.

Imagine the fun you were having when you received them.

Bless all reminders of good things.

Day 7: (Visualization)
Think of a song that you have available to match the desire you have been working on.  Play it through two times while visualizing the goal you will have achieved.

Day 8:  (Gratitude)
Morning:  Make a list of all the people who have done special things for you that you are grateful for. Remember you can use the Gratitude Journal for that.

Night:  Make a list of all the people who through their words have helped you achieve a feeling of
self confidence or courage to do something you were afraid to do.

Day 9
:   (Act as if)
Morning: Write a note to someone who gave you the courage to do something you were afraid to do.

Night: Visualize something you are afraid to do now as if you are already doing it and are very
comfortable about it.  Hear applause for a job well done.

Day 10:   (Engaging the Cycle)
Morning: Write a list of things you would like to accomplish.  Select the most important to start next.

Night: Write in detail everything you can think of to be specific in what you desire.

Day 11:   (Receiving)
Morning: Pretend you have just been handed a special gift you really wanted.  Concentrate on how you feel in opening  the gift.

Night: Imagine yourself being excited in telling others of your gift.

Day 12
:  (Recycle)
Morning: Hear yourself telling people how easy this is when you get specific and believe in the method.

Night: Use your list of desires to bless for the ease you will have in attracting them into your life.

Day 13:   Appreciate the spiritual laws that allow you to create your hearts desires.
Begin to ask for wonderful miracles every day.

Print these things out and see if  you apply them what will happen in your life. Let us know what does happen.



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