Affirmations Are Helpful To Your Work

A railroad employee was asked to repair an engine that no one had been able to fix yet. Although he was initially apprehensive, he remembered the Law of Command.  Before he began to work on the engine he went to a quiet place and read this a number of times “I am a mature child of the Living God, therefore I am one with his wisdom. That wisdom now leads me in paths of righteousness, peace and true success.” Amazingly he was able to go right to work and repaired the engine easily and quickly.

A postal employee had to take an efficiency test. Instead of allowing fear to rule him, he decided to take control over the situation.  He declared over and over “Divine Intelligence now shows me all I need to know.” He passed the test easily.

What I have found from using these types of affirmations over and over again is that they take the edge off, remove the fear by putting your mind on saying the affirmations. Whenever I start to think of a problem or a worry, I immediately stop myself and go into the one affirmation that works the best for me for general situations “Nothing and Nobody interferes with the achievement of my goals, my achievements, my peace of mind and my financial desires, not even myself.” It is important to put that last part in so that you will command the Universe to prevent you from sabotaging yourself.

Catherine Ponder reports that she’s never known a student to fail if they conscientiously follow the method of daily affirmations and command for even a short time. But, likewise, she has never known a student to really succeed if he omitted the daily use of verbal and silent declarations of command. Those folks often think that it is “beneath them” to say definite prosperous statements and definite words of success for 15 minutes each day – although they did not find it beneath them to speak definite words of hard times, lack and financial difficulty the rest of the day; nor did they find it beneath them to live in indebtedness and financial embarrassment.

You can take your choice and follow whichever road you wish. A mind that has been steeped in poverty and failure thinking for years, needs daily help in rising into richer thoughts, attitudes and expectations. Often it takes special methods to bring results in the face of extreme circumstances. If saying words of success and prosperity seems an unusual method, then so be it. But go ahead and try it, if you wish to change the tide of your thinking from poverty and failure to prosperity and success.

In the midst of extraordinary experiences, you will often find it necessary to exert a little added effort to produce satisfactory results. 



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