Amazon Prime Of The YOUniverse

amazon prime We’ve been talking about how to make your wish and then the Universe will deliver it to you. I liken my life as having an Amazon Prime account with the Universe. It brings you everything, every single thing, you ask for – whether it’s something you want or not. That is the hardest part for everyone to accept – even the things you don’t think you would have ever asked for.

Amazon Prime is the most phenomenal (and addictive) system for shopping that I have ever experienced. And I’ve stuck with Amazon through thick and thin from their very inception. Even back in the beginning when there were many unpleasant experiences with their shipping. But I knew they were doing something that would benefit me and lots of others if we just hung in there.

Amazon Prime provides free 3 day delivery for every item ordered. If you want to pay for or deal with the delivery options on every single purchase then it’s not for you. If you like convenience and saving, then this IS definitely for you.

Just like Amazon Prime, there is a Universe Prime! Whatever you ask for is delivered and as long as you’ve placed your order properly (discussed in the last couple of weeks), you’ll get delivery right to your doorstep. Now it won’t always be in 2 or 3 days because of the Law of Gestation but it will definitely come if you place your order correctly and then put out the sign with your address on it (focus on having it instead of the lack) so that the delivery person can bring it to the right place.

Sometimes it helps to think of the Universal Laws in an every day manner like this. It keeps things light and positive.

Place your order today (remember to be specific and then act as if it’s already there – clean off the space where you’re going to place it etc).

What are you going to order today? I know that I’m going to work on refining my order for the 2015 season.


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