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powerful-gratitude-header-2 I’m so pleased to tell you about the new Facebook Page I started called the Power of Gratitude

You all know how important I feel that Gratitude is. It takes your mind off your problems and increases your vibrations so that you are emanating much more positive energy than before. This will then activate the Law of Attraction in your life and bring more abundance and well-being into your life.

Post on that page everything you appreciate and are grateful for. Pick at least 1 (and preferably 3) things a day. Can you keep up the challenge every day for the month of November. But then the big challenge is to continue posting and recording your “gratitudes” even past Thanksgiving (in the US).

If you don’t have it yet, pick up your PC Gratitude Journal (not sure it works on Windows 8 though) and use that on your desktop to record your gratitudes there for as long as you want.

It will give you more energy, more excitement and even more anticipation. When you share your Gratitude and Appreciation with others (on the Facebook page)




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