Appreciating Money Can Prosper You

Stop saying “Oh, it’s JUST money” – once you start appreciating rather than depreciating money things start to click for you.

Why is it so important to cultivate a sicncerly favorable attitude about money, in order to attract happier financial situations. Money is filled with the intelligence of the universe – from which it was created.

Money actually reacts to your attitude about it. With The Law of Mind Action you attract whatever you appreciate and repel whatever you depreciate. Money acts accordingly. If you think favorabley about money, you multiply and increase it in your midst; but if you condemn or criticize it in any form, either your own money or another’s, you dissipate and repel it from you.

This law works in regards to your moods as well. Have you noticed that you are able to purchase more  for your money when you are in a good mood.  But if you shop in haste or while in a bad mood, everything seems to go wrong, including the purchasing power of your money.

Since your thoughts make your world, your thoughts about money have to be appreciative in order for moeny to appreciate you and be attracted to you. If you look at yours or other’s lives – when they do not have enough money to meet their expenses, it is because they have been scoffing and condemning money in financial matters, their own or another’s.

The Golden Rule of Prosperity

People sometimes bring financial hardship on themselves by declaring that they personally are prosperous and blessed but that someoene else doesn’t have a cent to their name. These folks discuss the troubles of others triumphantly and at length. If you think of yourself as prosperous but of others as living in lack, through the law of actiona nd reaction you are inviting the same thing to happen to you.  The Golden Rule of prosperous thinking is that you should not think or say anything concerning another’s financial affairs unless you would want to experience that in your own life.


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2 thoughts on “Appreciating Money Can Prosper You

  1. Dear Terrie,
    This post today for me is awesome. I had a close family member as a child who would say "It’s only money" and I never realized the thought behind it. I think money is very good. I think money is a blessing. I respect money. This idea of "only money" was creating a cross current. I am so grateful for this post. It has helped me greatly. Thank you Terrie. This website is so very special to me.
    Best regards,

  2. Sarah,
    Thanks for this comment. I’m glad that it helped you. And I appreciate your telling us about "it’s only money" – that is a good one to put in my storage bank. LIke "it’s just money" – you know I think I find myself "joking" about that at times – now I will try to figure out what it really means to me. Thanks for getting me thinking.