Are You Confused Between Letting Go and Focusing

It would be understandable if you’re confused on how to pursue your goals or desires. People tell you that you have to ask and then “let go” and let the Universe bring your results to you. But then I (and others) tell you that you have to focus on your results. So, how do you let go and also focus? These are actually two separate issues. Let’s talk about them.

Once you set your goals and have gone through the process of defining them and then making them your own as we’ve discussed previously, the key is in making them your own. By doing this, you have accepted that you actually have received what you’ve asked for. It can be a goal or a desire – they are just words that really mean the same thing as far as we’re concerned. If you sit and worry that you’re not going to get whatever it is, then you really haven’t accepted it as your own.

Think of it as ordering something from a catalog or from the web. Although there are options that enable you to get your order more quickly, generally you place your order and then wait for it to arrive. You’ve already paid for it and you know that it will come to you eventually. You don’t sit there every day wondering if they got your order and if you’re actually going to get whatever it is you’ve purchased. You have confidence that you will receive it.

Think of setting your goals in the same way. By getting specific and determining that this really is your goal and not that of someone else, you have placed your order. You have to take the time to do it right however. Just putting down on a piece of paper that you want a new car is not really “placing your order”. You have to tell what kind, what shape, what features you want, etc. Telling the company you’re ordering from all the specifics is when you’ve placed your order. Then you begin to make it your own. To continue the discussion about the car, you will start to clean out the garage to make room for your new car. You’ll make sure you have a license and call your insurance company etc. So, making it your own involves putting something in your life even before you have it.

If your goal is to have a debt paid off, you create your movie showing you celebrating as you find out that it’s been paid off. Visualize your happiness and joy and even relief. Emotions add power to the vibrations you put out and which the Universe picks up and works with. So make sure you add those positive emotions. You do not spend time wondering or worrying about where the money is going to come from in order for you to pay off that debt. You already know that the debt will be paid off (remember that telling the Universe that you want to earn more money to pay off the debt is considered “outlining” which is a no-no). You just visualize the debt being paid off and let the Universe choose the easiest way for that to happen – could be that there was an error some where and the calculations were incorrect and you’ve already paid it off. Perhaps you win the lottery so you don’t have to “earn” the money. Maybe someone gives you a gift in return for your kindness – even if it’s been in the past. It could even be that a very old debt to you is paid off. The Universe will find the way.

If you re-read that last paragraph you’ll see that when you’re playing your movie, you are celebrating and claiming your results, not worrying or questioning whether you’re going to have that debt taken care of or not. You’ve actually let go and focused on receiving the results. Success is yours when you let go.

This confusion is understandable and common. Once it’s explained along with the other simple rules of goal setting, it becomes easy for you to let go and to realize that you’re just waiting for your order to be delivered. It’s just like ordering from a catalog. Sometimes it’s as if something is on back order but you still will get it. Find out more about achieving your goals at Goal Setting For You.


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