Are You Just A Spectator In Your Own Game of Life?

iStock_000013428675XSmallNow that my 30 days of Inspiration is over (or is it “are over”? Oh well), ask yourself where you fit in all this talk of inspiration, courage and determination. Are you just a spectator in your own game of life? Or are you on the playing field – actively participating and making things happen – influencing your own outcome?

If you are just a spectator AND don’t want to be (sometimes it’s ok to watch and learn but most of the time we want to be an active part of what’s happening in our lives), then we need to look at the beliefs AND the emotions behind why you’re just spectating and NOT making things happen.

I know for me it was hard to grasp the concept of beliefs and that’s what I’ve run across with other folks too. But once I did, man did it make a big difference. Then, when I coupled it with the idea of how much emotions guide where we’re going (and where we’ve been), it almost feels like a no-win situation. Until you realize that you can change all of that. You do have control over both your emotions and your beliefs. If you’re thinking that that’s not true, then guess what? You have what we call “limiting beliefs” – things that are holding you back and keeping you from achieving everything you ever wanted.

I’m going to be talking about limiting beliefs and transforming them into empowering beliefs over the next month or maybe more depending on where we all go from here. My goal is to show you how to empower yourself, how to identify where you’re holding yourself back and then, most importantly, what to do about it.

Remember that if you’re on this site, there’s a fantastic chance you understand or at least know about the Law of Attraction. Bottom line – we create our own reality whether we do it consciously or not. You can’t just take credit for the good things in your life that you “intentionally” manifested. You have to take responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life because you brought it all in there.

“Me?” you mutter. “Why on earth would I want to create this bankruptcy or this divorce? You’re out of your mind if you think I did that on purpose”.

No one is saying “on purpose” because that implies a definite intention and unfortunately if we had learned about our intentions (and how powerful they can be) a long time ago, we probably wouldn’t be in this boat right now. But we attract what we are in vibrational synch with (bad grammar or not it’s true). So, if you grew up in an era or a family that had financial problems or was always talking about not having enough or being in debt or “how are we going to pay these bills” (which equals lack), this is what your body began to vibrate with because that’s all you knew. So you now have this long-ago engrained thought/feeling/emotion/belief that you don’t and can’t have enough.

Remember that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking over and over again.

Beliefs are generally divided into (or categorized into) limiting and empowering beliefs. Which would you rather have – a belief that holds you back or a belief that lets you know that you CAN actually have everything you’ve ever wanted?

I know the answer for me – I want everything I’ve ever wanted. And you know what? I CAN have it…and so can you. We just need to work on identifying and transforming those limiting beliefs! And that’s what we’ll do over the next 30 plus days.

Start writing down what you believe in….or what you think you can have and what you think you can’t have…stay tuned for more


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