Are You “Killing Time”

are youkilling timeIf you remember how important our words are, you’ll immediately see the problem with this age-old phrase. To your subconscious “killing time” indicates that time is bad and you want to destroy it.

That is usually NOT what we want with time. Usually we want MORE time. To talk and think about getting rid of it, not only decreases the amount we have available (actually it’s what we perceive we have available since time is not something we control – our use of it is, however), but also puts us back in the “lack” mode.

We don’t want to be in lack mode for anything – whether it be love, happiness, time, money or anything.

The other issue with this phrase is that it implies you really do have a lot of time on your hands (the opposite of lack but your subconscious hears lack) and you’re not doing anything with it. Go back to the post about living day to day and see if you want to revise what you’re doing and what your purpose in life is.

Pay attention to your words. Words lead to thoughts and then to feelings. Your subconscious mind hears words and interprets them in the way you most commonly think of them. I bet the subconscious really loves the English language with all the various meanings for many words..ha. When you say “I can’t afford…..” the subconscious doesn’t necessarily pay attention to what words follow. It just hears lack and poverty from the “I can’t afford”. So, to it, that is what you are focusing on – poverty/lack. Even if you were going to say “I can’t afford the time away from work to go do x, y, z”, your subconscious mind didn’t get that far. It stopped with the “afford”.

When you are talking about killing time, you are indicating you don’t like time – why else would you want to kill it? You’re talking as if you want to “get rid of more time” by killing it. I don’t think that’s what you’re really trying to do though. You want to spend your time doing things you like to do.

Don’t substitute “spending time” either because your subconscious mind thinks you’re talking about money still. Many folks associate “spending” with money and unless you are in a great vibrational state with your money, you might not want to put the two together inside your mind. “Spending” can also indicate losing it or giving it away and then you’ll be left with the internal feeling that you don’t have enough time.

Instead of “killing time”, elaborate on what it is you’re doing.

  • “I have plenty of time on my hands and I choose to be doing x, y, z with that time”.
  • “I am using my time to bring me closer to my goal of x”.
  • “I have an abundance of time and I choose to use it as a tool achieving my purpose in life.”

I’ll close with the adage that your mother really did know what she was talking about when she said “choose your words wisely” and “Think before you speak”!


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