Are You Living (Existing) Day To Day?

living day to day 2Take a moment and think about the direction your life is going.

When you get up in the morning do you have a definite purpose to the day or do you just know that you’ll be doing whatever you do every day in the same pattern etc.

Even if it’s a small goal like feeling better by going to the gym a few days a week or going for a walk every other morning or evening, you’ll have a goal and a purpose.

Start out slowly but come up with some goal or purpose to your existence. Consider volunteering or fund raising. Maybe it would just be to try healthy smoothies a few days a week.  Search deep inside of you to find a reason to get out of bed other than that you “have to”.

Don’t you want to be excited to start the day…and continue through it? I know I do. I really was unhappy when all my life was about was getting up, going to work and coming home exhausted while thinking about having to get up the next morning to go to work too. Ugh big time.

When I have other things to look forward to – when it was just working out with Dan, I felt energized because I was working toward a goal. I started with him to try and get rid of the right upper back pain I had been having when walking and I wanted to do a 3 day walk. But then my goals with him evolved. That will happen to you if you just set a small goal to begin with.

Sit down and think about what you would like to do. What would you like to accomplish? Don’t be intimidated by that word – accomplishment means simply that you’ve done something. It doesn’t mean you’ve done something phenomenal that would rock the world. I think too many of us demean our own “small” achievements. We should never do that any more than we should compare what we do to what others do.  You will be happier if you have some purpose to your daily life.

If, perhaps, your life seems to revolve around your spouse and your children and is very hectic, figure out what you are trying to get done with them. Is it to teach them ethical behavior, to have morals, to set goals themselves and then go about achieving them, to provide them with the best all around education you possibly could? I know there is some reason you bust your butt to take them here, take them there or watch their sporting activities. You don’t just do this because you “have to” even if it feels that way right now. Examine what you really feel toward your family and what you want it to become. Perhaps it’s just to keep your kids from experimenting with drugs. That’s a major goal and definitely one worth accomplishing!

According to Abraham our sole aim is to achieve joy. Joy is defined differently for everyone. If you aim to feel joyous every day, then I think you will come up with a purpose even if it’s just for that day.

Don’t exist day to day – you never know when it will be your last day. Go after something every day.  Change it day to day or create a number of goals – short, midterm and longterm. Look into Define and Conquer (even though it says 2013 and says “group”, the audios are now available for replay) for the best methods of defining and achieving your goals.

What i really care about is that you are living for something other than the end of the day!


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