Are You Stuck Behind A Desk?

disappointment I am on a mission (other than my running mission of course 😉 )!

I spent about 4 years working so many extra hours (going in early, staying late, working weekends) without any compensation (no overtime, no comp time, nothing).  I started doing this because one of my colleagues died suddenly – leaving us extremely short staffed. Being recently retired from the Navy where you’re ‘on duty’ 24/7, my work ethic took over and I started this excessive work schedule in order for us to continue to be the best of our organization and keep up with the heavy workload.

Interestingly though since I was able to keep up, the higher-ups thought we didn’t need any help so there was no new hire – we were left short handed because it  was “obvious”  we didn’t need the proper staffing – talk about short sightedness.

Finally after 16 months we got some help. I had to train the new individual which took time from my productivity. By then the workload had increased and I was involved with creating a new software application for our system. So guess what? I continued to put in all these extra hours to try to keep up with the increased burden.

And on and on the story goes.

I began to resent things – work, the higher-ups, those folks I worked with that weren’t working extra, etc – you name it, I resented it.

I also became dependent on this cycle. Weird, huh.

Before you feel sorry for me – which is what I wanted you to feel back then, check out my special report called “5 Reasons You’re Stuck In The Office When Everyone Else Has Left“.

More to follow – this story affects more of you than you realize – or maybe you do realize it but can’t admit it – yet!

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