Are You Stuck Or Did You Choose To Be Where You Are?

are-you-stuck-2Being stuck really is a choice. Before you bristle at that, take a deep breath and sit back for a minute.

Unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances, you can always change something. Often it’s a “little” or simple change in thought process or what you do during the day or even just an attitude modification that can begin the momentum of change.

All it takes is for you to try “something” – anything at all will prompt some sort of change. Try to think about your circumstances in a different way. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be Pollyanna but see if you can find something positive in an adverse situation.  This can be the tiniest thought or idea and once you start thinking about it, you’d be surprised how you can more easily continue down that lane. If you keep trying to focus on these better thoughts, you might even be able to replace the less than attractive ones. But, there is one caveat – you have to WANT to make some change.

Frequently we enjoy staying in the negative. It’s often more comfortable to be in the negative because a) that’s what we’re used to and b) it’s a way to get more attention – people are more likely to attend to your needs and “pat you on the back” (so to speak) when things aren’t going so well. That makes it so much easier and even desirable to stay in that mode. But what you don’t realize is that it’s also the easiest way to attract more of the adverse events. Remember that the Law of Attraction brings you more of what you focus on. And if you’re focusing on the “negative” and accruing the same type of focus and energy from others, then the Universe is going to bring you more of that.

Switch out your thoughts when you can. Try it in tiny bites. Take a situation and see what good you can find in it. This is your first step in crawling out of the quicksand. Once you’ve come up with that tiny bite, you can keep it in your mind or even write it down and then every time you start to go down that other path, you can pull it back up. Each time you find yourself feeling sad or upset about this event, try to come up with something new and good to focus on, no matter how small. Start creating a list. Here’s an example. You have a loved one in the hospital and you’re spending a lot of your time there. How could you possibly come up with something good given that your loved one is experiencing pain and discomfort? There’s nothing good in this, is there?

But perhaps you can think about all the really nice people you’re meeting whether it’s the health care workers or other visitors. Maybe it’s only one person but still that’s someone who has enriched your life. Maybe it’s more that you’re learning about your loved one or even what you’re learning about medicine in general? Maybe it’s even that you’re missing work and that’s a relief (do NOT go down the road that you’ll then have so much more work to catch up on just focus on the fact that you’re away from work and that’s a relief despite where you have to be instead).

Perhaps someone you love has died. Think about how they no longer are in pain or are suffering. It’s easy to be sad and miss that person and no one is suggesting you should totally cease having those feelings. Those feelings are part of the grief process. But as you’re experiencing it, look at the good things. If that person had been paralyzed, perhaps, think about how they are walking in the afterworld (Heaven, the Universe, whatever you call it) no longer paralyzed. Think about how they are looking down at you and smiling because they still love you. They are putting their arms out to you in love to comfort you. Try to rejoice in those things for a few seconds. Then you can revert to your grief if it comes back.

Try these small but impactful techniques! They will work.


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