Are You “Up” For A Gratitude Month?

I would like to invite you to come with me on an experiment! An experiment in Gratitude. I have deemed this to be a “Gratitude Month”. And It’s starting today, NOT at the beginning of the month like other events do. I want us to do something spontaneously and I had this idea today so I want to start today. Every successful person takes action and takes it now. So let’s start.

Here’s what will happen. Each morning there will be a post titled “Today’s Gratitudes”.  Both you and I will be posting our gratitudes for that day in the comments boxes.  The reason I have to do it like that is because I’m involved in a major project at work and don’t always get to post early in the morning. But I want you all to post whenever you come on and have something you’re grateful for. I will post in the comments along with you guys.

Do NOT wait for something big or gigantic to add your gratitudes. “Little gratitudes” become big ones soon. I will be posting things like “I am so grateful that my dog has lasted 2 years following the passing of her sister and that she survived significant problems with her GI tract and we can go for a walk every day.” That is not earth shattering but you know what? It makes me very happy and excited that I’m able to go out with her. There will also be things like “I got all the green lights today and wasn’t delayed in any way” or “Even though I seemed to hit every red light on the way to work, it allowed me time to say my affirmations”.  We have to show gratititude for everything in our lives – big and small.

So are you up for this? I really hope you’ll participate.

I encourage you to keep a real gratitude journal for at least this month. Once you’re in the habit, you’ll continue and you’ll see your life change dramatically. Make it a  point to look for things you are grateful for each day and make it a point to write about them. If you want to use a software program check out our Gratitude Journal (PC only).

Come along with me and see what happens to you over the next 30 days. Pitch in and see what happens to your friends on this site – even if you’ve never met them.


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39 thoughts on “Are You “Up” For A Gratitude Month?

  1. I am grateful for another beautiful day in San Antonio, for terrific friends I’ve made on the internet and on this work project I have been involved in for 10 months, for my 13 year old “puppy”, getting up early today and going for a nice cooler walk wiht my “puppy” and much much more. I’m grateful for everyone who reads this post and comment and I’m really grateful that I had this “Gratitude Month” idea this week.

    • I am grateful i have food to eat today and so also my little son. Really grateful i got healed of joint pains during my all night prayer session last night. We have Mighty God!!.

  2. I am grateful for being alive, living in health and safety. I can look up and consider the great beauty of the world. God be blessed!

  3. I am grateful for the invitation to participate so that I can re-enforce my good habit of finding things, events, reasons and so on to be grateful about and to count my blessings as often as possible.

  4. I’m grateful to have Terri as a friend and associate. She taught me one itty-bitty thing about inserting photos in a blog post this time last year. Not a day has gone by that I do not use that tip, think about her and smile. Talk about the power of small things!

    • Holly,
      You are totally precious. I admire you more than you know – your drive, your perseverance and your courage and I am forever grateful that we hooked up and hope that in our spare time (LOL) we can be more in contact! Thank you for participating….

  5. I am grateful for my good health. I am grateful for losing four pounds! WOOHOO! I am grateful that we had a great business day in the store. I am grateful for the friendly universe we live in and for the universe’s desire to conspire with us for our greater good. I am grateful for this website and for Terrie and for all that Terrie has put out for the public to learn, enjoy and grow. Have a great weekend, one and all. Hugs, Sarah

  6. I’m grateful that I have such a wonderful God and for loving Him.Oh God I love you and thank you!
    Thakssssssssssss Terrie

  7. I am bursting with gratitude! I’m grateful to the Universe on so many levels — I’m grateful for this opportunity to go viral with any gratitude I desire, because there is so much power available to our ONENESS in that action. I’m grateful that the Creator continually bestows an abundance of blessings upon me. I’m grateful that I have been reunited with the half of myself that has been absent, and grateful for what that means for my future.

    Peace, Love & Light

    • Linda,
      I loved your post. I most espcially “got filled to the brim” when you said ‘this opportunity to go viral with any gratitude I desire…’ What a beautiful expression! This is a virus I want too. Thank you for passing this on to me.
      Peace and joy in every area of your life,

      • Sarah,
        Thank you for your reply. 🙂 I am grateful for your input and for all of your activity on this site — you are infusing a strong uplifting energy which in turn elevates the vibration of us all.
        Thank you Sarah!

  8. I am grateful to see My Son’s Conference Video. I am thankful for this beautiful day and my Happy Loving Family. I am grateful for this wonderful site. Thank You.-KRT

  9. I am grateful for such a wonderful idea I got today from you, I am also grateful for being healthy and loved from my family and friends. May God bless you Terri,

  10. I am grateful it is SUNDAY and we have delivered all our orders and are free for the day.
    I am grateful the sun is shining and the sky is so clear you can see forever.
    I am grateful that I have the extra time today to love myself and my universe in complete abandon.
    I am grateful my fingers can type and that I am in contact with people around the world through this site.
    I am grateful for the fragrant and delicioius cup of coffe I am sipping.
    I am grateful that I have connected with that part of me that I have so ardently been searching for all over, and now I have found right here inside of me.
    I am grateful for the generous outpourings of good from universe into my life.
    People we are having a great day, all of us together.

  11. i am grateful it is a sunday, not raining heavily and i could finish my errands.
    i am grateful that i can work on my spiritual empowernment too today, by praying after a gap.

  12. For Aug. 20:
    I am grateful for a warm sunny day, going to the beach to recharge my mind body and spirit. I am grateful for some special friends, new and old. I am grateful for the warm gentle waters of Lake Erie.

    • Wow! I am grateful for the memory that your post brought to mind for me. My earliest life memory is being pulled on a small float through the waves of Lake Erie by my aunt — I was 1&1/2 years old! I can still see the colors, hear the sounds, smell the aromas, feel the water, sand, sun, and the breeze…….Oh, and to complete the sensory experience, I can still taste the lake water after I got washed off the float. 🙂 I’m very grateful for that memory.
      Thank you, Joanna, for raising my vibration tonight.

  13. Oops, running a day late – better late than never!
    I am grateful for the connection to all you wonderful people via Terrie’s great idea. Your insights resonate with me and help me know myself better – this I’m beginning to understand is a non linear, lifelong process!!

  14. I am grateful for the art of communication, and for the difference that it can bring about in every type of relationship be it spiritual, romantic, interpersonal, political……

  15. I am grateful for my happy, healthy, prosperous family-and that Terrie seems to pop back into my life when I need it most!

  16. Hi Terry,

    Such a great idea!

    I’m grateful for being healthy and being able to continue my education. I LOVE STUDYING!