Are You Watching All The Devastation in Haiti?

I’m not sure that’s a great idea because you’re simply embedding further thoughts and memories of the destruction. As you watch remember to visualize repair and calm, health and recovery. Do not talk about “how horrible” it is. You don’t want to give it negative energy. Bless the rescue workers, Bless the people that have survived, Bless those who are helping everyone else and coming together. We have to send positive energy there.


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One thought on “Are You Watching All The Devastation in Haiti?

  1. Dear Terrie,
    I am so glad that you made the above post on Haiti. Sometimes you cannot help to hear or see destructive news. And the reactions of others also influence us. I think that the mental attitude of peace, prosperity and health should be sent out to all in Haiti and I think also that that positive mental attitude should be used every time we read a paper or watch the news. Thank you Terrie for this valuable tool of positive energy.