As a Man Soweth

As A Man Soweth


All of us are familiar with great truth that whatever we impress or impregnate in our subconscious mind, whether good or bad, will come forth into objective manifestation.

This is the law of mind.

Look upon it as being as invariable and inflexible as are the laws of mathematics or chemistry.

You must realize there is only One Law in all its various phases and functions.

While building a bridge, and engineer must conform to the principles of mathematics and the laws of stress and strain.

The chemist must conform to the principles of chemistry and understand laws of attraction and repulsion.

He must also understand the role of atoms and molecules.

He doesn’t try to change the principles of chemistry any more so than the electrical engineer tries to change the principles of electricity.

Plant, therefore, in your mind whatsoever things are lovely, noble, dignified and Godlike.

This means that what you claim and feel to be true in your mind will be given to you.

What a person has is not his material possessions but a state of mind, a mental attitude or deep-seated conviction.

Joseph Murphy

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