Assume Your Financial Independence Now


A good way to begin cultivating the expectation of financial independence, and the happy experiences it can bring, is by beginning to be financially independent for the day, week or month before you. It is always easier for the mind to produce results that are expected in the present or immediate future.

Begin your day the prosperous way by affirming lavish abundance for that day, even before getting up. Put prosperous thinking first, as well as last, in your day.

 As you awaken each morning and emotionally prepare to meet the new day, either before rising or with your morning coffee, prepare yourself by writing out, verbally affirming, or silently declaring a number of times: “I expect lavish abundance every day in every way in my life. I specifically expect and give thanks for lavish abundance today!” In this way you are sending prosperous thinking before you to prepare a satisfying and worthwhile a that will run to meet you, hour by hour with its delightful surprises and satisfactions.

As you develop each day a state of mind that believes in, expects, and experiences financial independence one day at a time, your state of mind then automatically expands, so that financial independence becomes a weekly, monthly and yearly habit.  But you must start some time in your thinking, and the daily basis is the easiest, most immediate and most satisfying, because it gives you proof positive that your prosperity is at hand, awaiting your recognition and acceptance of it.

One businessman noted that his business doubled after he began to concentrate his attention on the thought and expectancy of financial independence, rather than on the thought of how hard he had to work and how useless it all seemed. Several years ago he began spending an hour each morning mentally planning his day as he wished it to be. He held in mind figures of sales he wanted to obtain. It was by his daily process of thinking of lavish abundance for himself and later his sales people that he worked his way up to an executive position in the company.


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