Avoid Disappointment and Discouragement

When you become discouraged in your efforts toward  greater prosperity, remind yourself that to think according to the general beliefs of the human race is easy – and useless. But to think prosperously in spite of appearances to the contrary is worth every effort because it produces rich results.

Train your mind to never be disappointed! If certain things do not come at certain expected times in the way you wish, don’t consider it a failure. You can be firm in the faith that something much better is on the way and will appear at the right time. When you seem to fail, remind yourself that it is because you have not asked big enough. Expand your viewpoint and expectation, and a larger answer than you originally anticipated will come. Failure is nothing but success trying to be born in a bigger way.

Avoid Hurry

Remember there is no hurry, force or push on the prosperous plane of life and there is no lack of opportunity. Do all you can do in a successful manner every day, but do it as calmly as possible without undue haste, worry or fear. Go as fast as you ca but do not hurry. That may sound like a dichotomy but it’s true if you think about it. The moment you begin to hurry, you cease to be prosperous in your thinking and become fearful, which is the prologue to failure.

Whenever you find yourself hurrying along trying to force a result, call a halt. Fix you attention on the mental image of the thing you are working toward, and then begin to give thanks you are receiving it and accomplishing it in God’s own wonderful way.  If you find yourself in a hurried atmosphere surrounded by people who don’t understand the law of increase, simply declare to yourself “peace, be still”.

Free Yourself From Petty Thinking

Don’t waste your time holding grudges, even toward those who have treated you unjustly. You will meet people like this as you go along. Others who are not making the grade will try to hold you down to their mediocre level, but they can’t if you refuse to be bothered by what they say or do. Nobody can keep your success and prosperity from you but yourself.

If some people try to (or maybe even succeed) dissuade you for a time, remember that success has endless doors ready to open for you and endless ways and means of  providing your good.

You can free yourself of petty thinking in regard to others’ success and free yourself from their petty thinking by declaring “Refusing to criticize another’s prosperity,k I turn to God , ask his direction and I am prospered, in like manner, others refuse to criticize my prosperity, instead, they turn to God, ask his direction and they, too, are prospered. There is plenty of success and prosperity for all.”

Never become discouraged, disappointed or upset by what others say or do in an effort to hold you down or take your good from you as you begin to rise through prosperous thinking.


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