Avoid Hard Times Talk

We’ve mentioned this before but it cannot be emphasized enough.

Do not think, talk or act in any way but prosperously. Don’t allow others to talk to you in any way but prosperously. Don’t read or take anything seriously  that is printed or said that seems contrary to prosperous thinking. If you mix up your trend of thought, you set up cross-currents that neutralize your efforts of prosperity. This is so important. Let’s say you’re working to become prosperous financially. But later in the day you have some difficulty with someone at work and start muttering about that person and his/her bad qualities. Then you go home and perhaps your spouse hasn’t done something you asked him/her to. So you “go off” on your spouse. You have just negated much of the wonderful prosperous thinking you did earlier in the day. You cannot compartmentalize positive and negative – it’s an all or nothing package and you have to act and think in an entire all or nothing package.

You should not become upset when people talk hard times. Neither should you join in their hard luck stories unless you want bad fortune to come upon you.

Remember the phrase in your arsenal – “That is not my truth! My truth is that I am always lavishly prosperous and I have everything I ever wanted”

Think Upon “Plenty” Ideas

Remember what Charles Fillmore taught “The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands upon it. The unfailing resource is always ready to give. Pour your living words of faith into the omnipresent ethers and you will be prospered though all the banks in the world close their doors. Turn the great energy of your thinking upon “plenty”  ideas and you will have plenty regardless of what men about your are saying or doing.” (From “Prosperity” by Charles Fillmore”

Try this “There’s plenty of money in the world; there’s plenty of wealth; and there are plenty of wealthy resources to be developed and tapped. I refuse to believe in anything but wealth and prosperity for myself and for all mankind.”

Concentrate your thoughts, feelings, relationships and activities on prosperity, NOT failure or lack. Expect to become prosperous; start thinking and speaking in those terms and no others. Remind yourself often that scattered, idle thoughts, words and expectations bring scattered, idle, poverty-stricken results.


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