Be Great!

Look at this sign. Simple isn’t it? It’s what hit me as I was driving home the other day. There are billboards all over the roads but how many of them do you pay attention to? How many of them are embedded into your subconscious even if you’re not consciously paying attention? Think about that and be more attentive as you travel along.

But back to this particular billboard. My mind sort of stopped in its tracks when it saw this. Why? I’m not sure but I think it’s because of the simplicity of the message. Why can’t you be great? Why can’t I be great?

Think about it….it’s a simple message that says so much. What do you feel when you see it? What’s keeping you from being great? Probably NOTHING except the obstacles we put in the way.  Bookmark this page. Download the photo and put it on your desktop. Print it out. Look at it every day. There really is NOTHING stopping you from being great.

Take some action and Be GREAT today. What is your definition of being great? That is, perhaps, part of what could be keeping you from being great. Define it for yourself.

We’re having record cold temperatures right now here in Texas and I realized last night once again how very important homeless shelters are. So yesterday Being Great for me was donating to the Homeless Shelter. Perhaps the Red Cross has helped people you know – support them.  Buy someone a cup of coffee. Do something – it may seem ‘small’ to you but it may be something life-changing for another person. You will never know. Just do something and you will Be GREAT.

Have a GREAT day…


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