Be Patient (Law of Gestation)

presenting_custom_software_box_15118Even though a woman might want to open her belly and check on her baby every few days (or even hours), she knows that that’s not how it works. There is a specific time frame that the baby needs to be in the womb growing and nurturing before it’s able to survive and materialize into what it’s supposed to be – a baby. She knows she has to wait approximately 9 months for everything to mature properly and if something happens that it’s sooner, sometimes extreme measures have to be taken to make sure the baby does well.

Why am I going on and on about babies? Because it’s the perfect example of the Law of Gestation.

Remember that we go through a few simple steps.

1) We ask for something. That’s easy and it’s why there is so much contrast in our life – we can see what we don’t want and then ask for what we do want.

2) The Universe delivers it. It’s immediately manifested. The Universe doesn’t know if it’s a fleeting thought or not. The Universe is just there to provide us with what we ask for.

3) We have to ALLOW it into our life – that, then, is materialization – when we can actually see and touch whatever it is we asked for. This is the most difficult part for us because we have evolved into creatures that want instant gratification.

There are two particular aspects of the Universal Laws that serve to protect us.

1) We don’t have enough wisdom so fortunately we don’t have the power to materialize everything we say immediately even if the Universe has manifested it – it has not been brought into our lives. A good example of this is this: A mother is outside and sees her sons playing way up in the top branches of a tree. The mother panics and screams for the kids to get down but this is what she says – “Get down from there or you’ll fall and break your neck”. Aren’t we glad at that point that we can’t immediately materialize what we say or think. If we had such power and ability the boys would fall and break their necks.

2) The Law of Gestation. It’s funny how we can accept this law in nature and other parts of life but not with ourselves. You wouldn’t plant a rose seed or an acorn and then the next day dig it up to see how it was doing or be upset that it hadn’t poked above the surface yet. You know that there is a specific time that the seed has to be buried and go through the various stages before this tiny little round object becomes a beautiful flowering plant.

The same applies even to every day events like cooking. You may want something to be “done” in 1 minute but the cooking time is known to be, let’s say 10 minutes in a steamer or 20 minutes in the oven etc. I know I am one who wants food done NOW but I also know that it’s not going to happen the way I want it to. There are steps that have to happen for that food item to be prepared properly, no matter how much I may want something different.

Often times we give up on achieving our goals because “it hasn’t happened yet”. When that occurs we have to look at a few things:

1) Were we specific in our asking? Or did we fluctuate back and forth in what we wanted. You’ve heard me talk about not being able to decide which type of hybrid vehicle I wanted so I’ve never materialized it. That’s because I haven’t been specific about what I wanted. It also tells me I don’t really have a great desire for it because otherwise I would  have spent time on it, defined what I wanted and created a visual picture and it would have been mine already.

2) Where has our vibration and momentum taken us. Have we been up and down and all around the place. Or have we proclaimed we wanted to be rich but continued to think about poverty and lack? If we continue to think about our bills and how much we owe then we are focused on lack and no matter how much we say we want prosperity it won’t come. What will come is what we are focusing on –  lack.

3) Have we not been patient enough. There are laws of gestation in producing what we want in life. Unfortunately they are not published nor are they something we can “Google” to find out how long it’s going to take to get this thing. This is the Law of Gestation. If something hasn’t come to us and we have been specific and have been focusing on the correct thing then we simply have to be patient and wait for the Law of Gestation to work. If we don’t allow that to happen, then we go back to focusing on the lack – we say “see, the Law of Attraction is bogus and doesn’t work so I’m going back to the old ways” and then we go back to our lack mentality and focus.

Do not give up. Continue to focus on what you want. I am still visualizing the entire run across Tennessee. I had a down period while I was hurt and feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t finish but got over that pretty quickly and started visualizing for next year. It has to be better because now I know more and can work on the areas I was lacking in this year. I am back to focusing on accomplishing the 314 miles next year. But it won’t happen next week or next month because there’s a specific time it occurs. But I have to develop it and let it grow inside of me (like the baby does or the rose seed) and then it will materialize next July.

Just be patient and continue to believe. Patience really is a virtue.

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