Become a Member of The Audience

A Member of the Audience

There are no short cuts to Heaven and the way to the Higher Consciousness is by tak-ing yourself in hand. If you are in earnest, begin to watch yourself. Get off the stage of your life, and get into the audience. Watch yourself and be impartial in your judgments. Do not make excuses for yourself but do not be too harsh either in your opinions.

It does not matter where you stand today. The fact that “I” is watching “Me” means that you have taken one of the greatest steps forward. When you see yourself doing things that are useless, or perhaps even mean or petty, stop them. When you find that “I” can laugh at “Me”, it means that your life is commencing to change for the better.

Finally, you will find that “Me” is beginning to get in step with “I”, and when that happens you are truly on the road to hav¬ing dominion over your life.

There are no short cuts to Heaven but you can have fun changing your life over if you be-come a member of the audience. 

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