Beyond The Law of Attraction – The Other Laws

Since “The Secret” came out people think that the Law of Attraction is “it” – the only way to make things happen in your life.

Well, that’s just not true. There are many Universal (or Spiritual) Laws.

Today we’ll talk about The Law of Consciousness – part 1.
Law of Consciousness, the first Law we study. It gives you the ideas, knowledge and understanding to help you determine what your life is all about.

As you look back on your life, you can see how the Law of Consciousness plays a part. It helped make things happen that you did not wish to happen, as well as the unexpected, wonderful surprises that occurred.

you have accept that, from the time of the embryo, we hear. Scientific research has explained that, within the soul and brain of the infant, is consciousness. They hear even while in the womb.

It doesn’t start at birth. It begins even before that. From before birth onward, the things you heard, thought and felt created a pattern within you. This includes everything you had explained to you, even from television and radio.

Everything you have heard, thought, felt or read or anything from your senses makes an impact on the subconscious. Your subconscious simply plays back like a computer what you or someone else has put into it.

Maybe you heard as an infant that you look just like a parent. When you grew to be 10 to 15 years old, you discovered that parent had some problems, attitudes, feelings or habits you didn’t want in your life. If it was ingrained in you from birth that you were just like that parent, then you have problems with the same things your parent did.

It’s very easy to remove yourself from these problems when you realize and recognize what they are. Recognition is the greatest key to change.

We have four major areas to master:

1. Our physical body. We have to master health and harmony in our bodies.

2. Relationships. We have to learn to harmonize and be at peace.

3. Money. We have to master our financial assets.

4. Soul awareness. Our soul awareness constantly brings us new information, wisdom and understanding of the activities and the work we came here to do.

We are constantly attracting and manifesting results according to our beliefs. During our earth learning process, we have two ways to master physical results. Both are necessary as we develop toward our total soul potential.

1. Attraction. We attract to us what we are.

2. Manifestation. We mold things from the invisible substance to the visible.

This is where we sometimes become confused. We say we will attract something into our lives. What we really mean is that we want to manifest it. Sometimes we say we will manifest it when we mean we will attract it.

Both are necessary. We want to attract people and situations into our lives. We want to attract results. We also want to manifest a great financial supply and ideas of wisdom and understanding. We want to manifest the ideas and inspiration that allow us the newness and excitement of life.

The Law of Consciousness is the first and most important. We develop, ask and interpret things that we already believe in. We realize there are many we don’t choose to hold onto in our lives. There are many things we believe that we don’t want to believe. There are many things that are in error.

Belief systems are brought into our lives by many different methods. We have what our parents, ministers and teachers have told us. Other people gave us what they believed to be fact and truth.

Facts change according to new understandings and new knowledge. They change according to the power and presence we give these ideas within us.

We have the old ideas and thoughts of diseases that people are supposed to have throughout their lives. There are a certain percentage of people who are supposed to have colds or the flu.

These negative aspects do not have to apply to us. They were given to us at a time when our soul did not know that we were able to evaluate those things and bring them to a different solution for ourselves.

In the Law of Consciousness, we want to look at these attitudes and ideals that no longer apply to us. Find a pencil and paper.

I’d like you to do a discovery. The Law of Consciousness will help you discover what your beliefs are. This is the most important Law in your life.

Many things were given to you at a time when you were not able to discern truth from fiction, fact from fiction or absolute from non-absolute. Today you see with a different viewpoint that puts you in charge of your life. This energy we call “God” can change and transform everything you choose to transform in your life.

With your pencil and paper, I want you to begin a list. We take on the qualities of the people around us. List your relatives, beginning with your parents. Then list your parents’ prominent qualities. If you were raised by someone other than your parents, use their names.

If your mother’s prominent quality was gentleness, put it down. If your father’s prominent quality was generosity, put it down. It is important in how you perceive your own life to be. If your parents’ dominant qualities were abusive, angry or hostile, write those down.

You’ll show yourself how you relate to your parents and children. Your parents’, grandparents’, great-grandparents’ and great-great grandparents’ belief systems, fears, anxieties and religions have all been passed down to you. Even what you like to eat comes from them. Everything comes from what you were born into.

If you’re still having the same experiences you had as a child or are still surrounded by the same kinds of people, those lessons haven’t been learned yet. That is the importance of the Law of Consciousness.

After you list your parents, think of your grandparents, if you knew them well. What were their qualities? Were they the same as your parents? Did you have a grandparent who was angry or hostile or didn’t like to have children around? Were your grandparents loving, kind and happy? Were they wonderful? Did you prefer to be with them? Next list your aunts’, uncles’ and siblings’ qualities.

Find the pattern. If you have 10 people in your life who are very unproductive, what are your chances for success? If you have many relatives who are go-getters, movers and shakers, what is your chance of being successful? Look at both sides, the productive and the unproductive.

Now look at your school friends growing up. What were their qualities? As you grew older, there were things like jealousy and boyfriends or girlfriends. What did you attract in that time and place? Did you attract relatives, friends and schoolmates who were happy, harmonious, loving and kind?

Did you attract angry people? If you’ve had abusive people in your life, are you attracting more abusive people in spite of having said to yourself, “I never again want anybody in my life who treats me this way.”?

When you study the Law of Consciousness, look back on your life to see why you attracted people and situations for your learning experiences. You have to handle them properly so you don’t need to have that experience again.

Once you have listed your relatives’, parents’ and friends’ prominent qualities, you have a pattern of positive and/or negative. Usually you will have both. You’ll have the very positive people who told you as a child, “You can do anything you choose to do. You have to believe in yourself.” You’ll also have people who said, “You’re too little. You can’t do that. You’re not strong enough. You’re too weak. You’re not healthy enough.”

Those things may have been said to you at a time when you were very much open to other people’s opinions. They’ve made your life what it is today.

Think of the quotes you heard. They gave you your ideas of lack and limitations. They told you what you think about money, relationships and the physical body. All of the things you’ve ever been told are important.

A teacher can influence us so strongly in the first and second grade. That is the time we’re open to any authority. Once you discover the ideas you have, especially the negative, you can say, “Which authority person told me I couldn’t, or I was too little? How important a part did that authority person play in my life? Was it someone I knew just a little or someone I was with everyday?”

There’s much, much more….so keep tuning in…,


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2 thoughts on “Beyond The Law of Attraction – The Other Laws

  1. Well this article hit the spot. Out of the blue came a “friend” with a personality, the likes of which, I had not seen in my life for a very long time. Well it caused me to look again inside and say gee, now where does this come from. But the introspection got me pretty annoyed. I said to myself I thought I was through with this, what is this again??? Some times we have things, attitudes, ideas, that are so deeply impressed, or should I say buried, that come up at a later date. What triggered this occaision for more good into my life was being over tired, not being centered, not having my stash of goals set aside on an index card to whip out. The unclear moment I was passing left me wide open for another well meaning bossy Betty. There are some people that think they know a page more than the book they have just finished reading and feel that they can tell you how to run your life. And they sure will if you do not have your own plan and your own ideas. They will present you with a list of things to read and do and they will top the whole thing off with “Take MY WORD for it, I have been doing this for ten years already”. Say what??? Nevertheless this situation caused a flood of sadness and hurt and dissapointment. I remembered things I wanted to keep forgotten and I forgot the things I wanted to keep remembered.
    The good thing is that inside of us is a tendency to life, joy, freedom and expression. So this is what I did to get back on track, this is what works for me. I had to sit in meditation and do the denials all over again. Then I started the affirmations again. ” I know who I am and I know where I am going. I am in the next beautiful step of my Divine Plan and it is easy, fun, full of prosperous ideas that unfold easily and quickly .” I had to tell my girlfriend “Babycakes your good is elsewhere and you go for it now, easily, quickly, with good for all concerned” This was so clear to Divine Mind because my friend backed off immediately, and I got my breathing space back. I prepared myself with my goals and the maps and the affirmations. It feels good to be back in the saddle and knowing who you really are and where you are going. The very best to one and all.

  2. I have been very fortunate to be able to come to NY to participate in my daughter’s graduate school commencement exercises. Having this short vacation has also given a break from my daily routine, a time for rest and positive thought and new opportunity. I love the Law of Consciousness because it is what keeps us aware and in the moment. It is always gently talking to us, always reminding us, how are we using our authority. Who and what is the authority of our lives. I participated in a Sunday service which was awesome, at the United Divine Freedom Church of the Healing Christ. The Rev. Sedare Coradin Mercer presided along with Rev. Will Mercer. It has been a great experience to be among people, who, like me, know that we are working with a law that cannot fail. I was also given, as a gift, a wonderful book by Rev. Dr. Christopher Bazemore “Authentic Change for a Happy Life”. It deals with taking your own authority and becoming definite and holding to your thoughts of Truth.
    I read, which reminded me of my last post, when you are reminded of old things, when ideas, feelings or notions of things that were thought settled come back, they have no authority. They cannot get bearing unless we give it to them. They are nothing. Dr. Bazemore treats in the following way: “When faced with a situation, we no longer emotionally bind ourselves with the query , ‘Oh my, why is this happening to me again? I just had this happen to me before!’ Rather we stand very objectively and say, ‘All right, I am taking care of this, this will NOT build, this will NOT stay.'” If you want to exercise holding positive thoughts, if you love the Law of Consciousness, if you want to get definite about authority in your life read Dr. Bazemore’s book “Authentic Change for a Happy Life”. You will be so glad you did.
    I will be returning home tomorrow. It has been a week of positive everything. I am so grateful. Talk to you soon guys and maximum blessings. Sarah