It’s Time to Look At Your “BUTs”

By now you’ve come up with 5-15 specific items you want to work on. Now answer these questions:

  • Are they specific? They should be since that’s a great portion of what we spent yesterday on.
  • Are they attainable? For example, this would not really be an attainable goal: You’re 60 years old and you can’t swim but your goal is to swim the English Channel. Of course you could learn to swim and perhaps eventually make it to that goal. But, in reality, it’s not really attainable enough that your subconscious mind will embrace it. This is very closely tied with the next one…..
  • Are they believable? We always have problems with people who are currently making, let’s say, $20,000 a year and their goal is to make 1 million dollars a year. Why is this a problem if you really embrace the  Law of Attraction? Because you have to go back to the basics – what you create is based on your thoughts and the thoughts embedded in your subconscious mind which is very literal. So, your subconscious mind simply may not be able to make that jump from $20,000 a year to a million! You’ll see in the later part of today’s exercise where the problem might be. So, what’s the issue? Are you doomed to making $20,000 a year forever? No, but you need to “encourage” your subconscious mind and nurture it. The way to deal with this is to use percents of increase. You can say “my goal is to increase my income by x% per xyz”. “x% is the amount you want to increase it and xyz is the time period. For example “I increase my income by 10% per month over the next 6 months” – that equates to an increase of $166 per month over the next 6 months. Your subconscious mind can accept that and consider it attainable. When that happens and you’ve “exercised” your subconscious mind, then you increase it some more. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to “go too big” right out of the gate – like trying to run a marathon when you can’t even run a mile yet.  Don’t be impatient.
  • Have you already “outlined” how you will achieve these goals? If so, you MUST go back and strike that section out. What is “outlining” – simply put it’s telling the Universe HOW to deliver something to you.
  • We had a woman who kept telling Anne that she needed $10,000 so she could have an operation to cure some problem she had. Anne repeatedly told her “no, you need health”. The woman argued that she had to have the money to have the operation. Months went by and one day Anne saw her in the grocery store. The woman came up to her and excitedly told her that she felt wonderful and a new doctor had come to town and given her some medication which had taken care of her problem and she didn’t need to have the operation. She was “outlining” telling the Universe that she needed to have the money brought to her so she could have the surgery. That really wasn’t what she wanted at all. What she wanted was health, NO MATTER HOW she got it.
  • Many people  say they have to increase their salary to increase their income. Well, that’s outlining. I know I fell into that trap for many years. Being in the Navy I had a salary and that was it. There was “no way” I could increase my income unless Congress passed several laws etc. Well, that’s not the only way to have income. When I came to San Antonio, I started an internet business and that’s income. I have received inheritances – that’s income. I have received gifts – that’s income. So, do NOT tell the Universe how to bring it to you. Just say you want it. Remember “Ask and it shall be given”. The Bible verse doesn’t say “Ask to get it this way and it shall be given”. Who do you think is wiser – you or the Universe?

Once you’ve looked at each of the 5-15 specific items you’ve listed, now it’s time to really think. This is probably the most important part of the entire process – even more important than being specific.

1) It’s time to make a “semi-affirmation”. In this step we don’t worry about the exact wording of the affirmation. We want what comes afterwards. The purpose of this is to identify our limiting beliefs! This is the key. Once we identify the limiting beliefs, half the battle is over. 

I’ve had the hardest time trying to figure out how to help people uncover what it is that’s holding them back (their limiting beliefs). But thanks to a very wise woman, Kay Christopher, I realized it’s actually pretty simple.

Take each item and say “I have a brand new bright red Lexus” but don’t stop there. The key is in the “BUT” that follows.

What is the very first thought you have when you say that. Let’s take our example of going from $20,000 a year to a million. The semi-affirmation would be “My income is 1 million dollars a year” and then my next thought would be “but there  is absolutely no way that can happen to me. I don’t make enough money. I don’t have the skills to get a job that can generate that amount of income. I don’t know anyone who can get me a better job. No guy that rich would be interested in me and want to marry me. My spouse doesn’t have the type of job to increase my income. I have to support 5 kids, there’s no way I could get another job or make any more money. I’m already working 2 jobs, how could I possibly work any more” etc.

Take a look at what I just wrote. Can you spot all the limiting beliefs I listed in the “buts”? That is how you discover your limiting beliefs. Just keep listing the reasons that goal is unattainable. I will bet you that everything on your list will be associated with at least one but – and that “but” is your limiting belief.

You really have to be honest with yourself at this point. This is a personal journey and no one is going to criticize you or even know about any of this. This is your gold mining escapade – you’re mining your subconscious mind to find out those areas that need work to eliminate.

2) Write down what your limiting beliefs are. You may know of others that you don’t think are pertinent to what you’ve listed on your goal list. But I bet they are there if you examine it deeply enough.  Take what I wrote about myself for all those years in the Navy. If my goal had been to increase my income to anything above what Congress ‘gave me’ it would have gone something like this: “My income is increased by 10% every year…but there is no way that can happen because I have a salary and there is no way I’m going to be promoted this early since I just got a promotion 2 years ago and have 4 more to go. There is no other way I can increase my income.” I’m sure there would  have been more limiting beliefs if I thought about it for long. But that’s just what came from the top of my head.

I believe I’ve told you all about my desire for a certain vehicle the year I retired from the Navy. It was a GMC Envoy with a roof that retracted making the vehicle into a pickup truck when you needed it. When it was released I thought it was the coolest thing but gees, it was close to $50,000 and there was no way I could “afford” that. So, it sat there in my brain percolating for about 7 or 8 months. Then I got this great job offer in San Antonio and started my retirement process. I had 4 vehicles at that time (don’t even ask) and had absolutely no idea of how I was going to get them all to San Antonio. Plus, none of them would really work to transport my dogs the 1700 miles. So one day I was talking to my friend and our conversation also got back to that cool vehicle. She said “why don’t you turn in all your cars to get that one?” I was flabbergasted. I had never known you could turn in more than 1 car at a time. I wasn’t sure I believed that even so I went to the dealer and asked him. He said “sure, you can turn in as many as you want”. So, I did. And I got the vehicle for an extremely reasonable price and one that matches the majority of car prices, not the exhorbitant $50,000.

My limiting beliefs were many:

  • I couldn’t “afford” the car because it was $50,000.
  • I couldn’t get enough money because I had a fixed salary.
    • I was outlining, even though subconsciously, by believing that you could only trade in one car at a time. That also was a limiting belief.
  • Essentially I believed there was “no way” I could ever get that car.

Take each of the items on your list and follow this process. If you’ve used the index cards or separate sheets of paper, write the semi-affirmation followed by your ‘buts’. Just write, don’t analyze right now.

When you’re done with each, list all your limitations on a separate sheet of paper.

This is your ticket to freedom (and achieving these goals).

From this list we will clear the land and will discuss this tomorrow.


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2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Look At Your “BUTs”

  1. Just to let you know I’m still here! It’s taking me about two days on each step, but I’m doing lots of thinking and writing, and making progress. I know I’m already in a better place than before I started the ‘Getting Unstuck’ course, because I’m kinder and more generous with myself!
    And I’m laughing at the little voice that says my ‘goals’ and aims aren’t conventional or normal enough – as if you put us all into litlle boxes!

    I really appreciate this connection to you Terrie, and all the others following your lead, especially as I haven’t yet been many ‘real’ connections in this new environment.
    Thank you for your time and practical wisdom. Trish

    • Trish,
      I’m SOOOOO glad that you’re taking your time. I meant for everyone to do that. There is absolutely NOTHING magic about 1 January. What is magic is the process and the discovery along the way. So congratulations on doing it right!!!! I’m really proud of you and thank you for letting me know what’s going on along the way.

      I never put anyone or their goals in a box. Your goals are yours and that’s all that’s necessary – as you’ll see in another post (it might even be today’s), I recommend you don’t tell anyone your goals anyway so it doesn’t matter how “out there” you think they might be!

      Thanks for posting and keeping me and the others involved. Maybe it will encourage others to do the same.