Intelligence (FromThe 7 Main Aspect of God)

The 7 main aspects of God – Intelligence

This is from Emmet Fox’s “The 7 Main Aspects of God”

God is not merely intelligent but God is Intelligence itself.

When you clearly realize that this is an intelligent universe it will make a major difference in your life.

It is obvious that in an in-telligent universe there cannot be any disharmony because all ideas must work together for the common good.

This means that there can be no clashing or overlapping anywhere, and neither can there be any lack.

It is especially important to re¬alize that God is Intelligence, for the following reason: It some¬times happens that when people outgrow the childish idea that God is just a magnified man, they go to the opposite extreme and think of God as merely a blind force, like gravity or electricity.

This means that they have lost all sense of the Love and Fatherhood of God.

In an intelligent universe there can be neither cruelty nor waste.

God is not a person in the usual sense of the word. God has every quality of personality except its limitation.

It is true that the human mind cannot imagine any personality which is not limited, but this difficulty arises from the very limitations of the human mind itself, and, of course, this does not af-fect the nature of God.

The Bible says, in effect, whatever you think I am, that will I be to you; and this means that if we attribute to God every quality of an infinite, intelligent, loving personality, having infinite power, God will be just that to us.

In acquiring these wider and better ideas of God you should not feel that you have, so to speak, left the God of your childhood for a new God, but that you are simply getting a better and more adequate idea of the same God that you always worshiped; because, of course, there is only one God.

Treat yourself for Intelligence at least two or three times a week, by thinking about it, and claim¬ing it for yourself.

This practice will make every activity of your life more efficient.

When things in your life seem to be going wrong, treat yourself for Intelligence.

Children and young people respond very readily indeed to a treatment for In¬telligence. If you are interested in a child at school or a young person at college, treat him several times a week for Intelligence.

Remember also the wonderful fact that when you treat a person (or yourself) spiritually, the result of that treatment will be with the patient not only in the present time, but for the rest of his life.

The Intelligence Aspect of God is very important in its relation to the health of the body. When the human race realizes clearly enough that God is Intelligence, the “old age belief’ will be overcome.

When we dwell upon one of these aspects we are developing that quality in ourselves.
Emmet Fox

Thoughts For Meditation on Love…

Just relax within. If you’re in a room with others, feel the love in this room. If we start with the love in this room, we will feel it so much easier. Say to yourself, “I feel the love of the presence within me.”

I want you to think for a moment about any time in your life when you felt the happiest, most loving, kind and good. It could be when you were an infant. It could be when you saw a wedding. It could be when you saw a new baby.

One of the most glorious things I’ve seen is a big, tough, husky guy letting a tiny babe just born hold him by the finger. I saw the look on his face. He was just idolizing that little soul that had just come in.

Love is seeing a dad pick up a child and play, riding on his shoulders or seeing someone who just saw another person receive something good and is just as joyful for them as if they had gotten it themselves.

It’s wanting the best for other people, wanting the good for other people and wanting other people to have joy, peace and harmony to do what we can’t do but what we know to do. It’s helping that person along the path and having a good attitude ourselves so we attract people with good attitudes.

The love of God, the life of God and the spirit of God is within us. We’re careful with our tones of voices so that we speak lovingly. We’re careful with the look on our faces so we smile and feel joyful.

We keep our words happy and loving because we want everybody within the range of our voice to know this same feeling to be able to look at any other person and say, “I see the Christ in you. I see the goodness in you. I see the love in you.”

I want you to think “love” to the person on the left of you. Send it away. Then send it to the person on the right of you, in back of you and in front of you. See that love swirl in this room. This is the love, peace, joy that we’ve all been searching for all of our lives.

Now send it to your home. Surround your family and any person who lives there or visits there. Send this love to your work. Know that it will affect every person around. Send it to your boss. He prepares your paychecks. He’s doing a good job. Send love, peace and harmony.

Send it back to you for all the good that you are. Know that in that presence and power of God, the goodness of God as love is the greatest thing that you can have in your life.

According to Emmet Fox, when you have joy and wisdom combined, you have beauty. When you have love and wisdom combined, you have a happy vision of yourself in your life. Feel the joy that comes through you through feeling love. Feel the peace, happiness and harmony.

Love turns the world around. Love can heal, bless and prosper people. Love makes our lives always better. We give love and receive love. We know that, in our own spaces, the love of God is here and now. We give thanks. And so it is.


More Tips on The Aspect of Love

We had one Divine Science minister many years ago. We were doing a critiquing session. She said that she was always so tired after the lessons on Sundays and Wednesday nights. She just couldn’t understand it.

When she got up there, we were supposed to watch her to see what she as doing. She got up and stood behind the podium and sighed. Then she started to talk. She said, “Tonight we’re going to learn about spiritual law.” By the time she got through a couple of sentences, you were tired, too. We have a frown and a deep sigh.

My third daughter was 5 years old and hard of hearing. I didn’t know this. I had taken her to the doctor on several different occasions because I thought there was something wrong, but I couldn’t define it.

They’d given her ear tests. The doctor had held up something by her head and clicked it. He said, “Tell me when you can hear that well.” She had good peripheral vision. She could see his hand moving. She could see when it got close.

I told him after the third or fourth time, “Let me stay in here with you. I want to see what’s going on.” He said, “Okay.” He sat down and said, “Bonnie, do you have a brother?” Her little bright eyes said no. He said, “Bonnie, do you have a dog?” She said no. He said, “Bonnie, do you go to school?” She said no. She was reading his lips. She knew he had asked a question.

The doctor said, “I don’t understand this. We’ve tested her. She always gives us the answer.” I said, “But she’s not giving you the right answer.”

When we got home, she was standing at the window, and I was calling her for dinner. I called her, “Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie.” About the fifth time, I said, “Bonnie!” She heard me that time and turned around. She said, “Why are you always angry at me?” I said, “Did you not hear me tell you it was dinnertime? Come on.” She said no.

I called the doctor and said, “We’re going to get something done. This is important. She can’t hear. Whether you believe it or not, we have to do something about it.”

These are the kinds of things we live with in our families. We have to look at these things and say, “How am I treating my family? How am I treating the people around me? How am I treating those who want respect?”

Do we not have this right to claim respect and give respect? Do we not have the obligation to our children to give the same respect that we want them to give us? We have to do this.

We have to teach the little ones as they’re coming along just exactly what integrity is, what respect is, what discipline is and what setting your own boundaries is, so when they grow up, we have access to the multitudes of children who are making decisions to live a life that will be happy, productive, loving and kind.

I was at a dentist’s office. The dentist was running very late. I was there with my granddaughter. She was not too happy because she had other things she wanted to do.

A little girl came in right after us. The receptionist said, “We’re running about 30 to 45 minutes late.” The little girl turned around and smiled at her grandmother. Her grandmother said, “That’s right, honey. You’re always gracious.” I thought, “What a beautiful thing to teach a child.” The words that we use impress the children.

This part of Texas, the South, is known for graciousness, or used to be known for graciousness. People seem to be happier here. When people are happier, they’re more gracious. They don’t get upset as easily.

The people who get upset are the ones who create problems because they love drama. If you have people who are into drama, let them go. That harms relationships and all of the people they know, which also affects you.

We are constantly moving along, onward and upward, to be happier, more harmonious, more loving, kinder, more glorious and more gracious in all of these ways to let our attitude say and speak for all of the things we want in our lives, all of the things we want for our children and how we want to come across to the people around us, which is successful, joyful, peaceful and loving.

Everything in this world is being guided to. If we don’t do something about living this kind of life, and reaching out to others, how are we going to make the changes, and what is the world going to be 10 years from now unless some of us stand up and say, “We’re going to make a difference”?


Tips on The Aspect of Love

I want to give you some tips today that have always helped me. Love is gentle and kind. That’s in Corinthians 13 in the Bible. It’s used a lot in wedding services. It also needs to be used after the wedding services to keep that gentleness and kindness in.

I’ve seen people who use either sarcasm or abruptness in public that embarrasses the other partner or the children. We have to know and understand that when these things occur, we have a responsibility to let out family know that they come first in our lives.

Even when we don’t get along or see problems or there is something going on, we can back away and not constantly say, “You should be doing this. You ought to be doing this.”

We should say, “I love you the way that you are. I love you unconditionally. You can be angry with me, and I’ll still love you. You can do things that I would not have done myself, and I’ll still love you. You can be anything you want to be, and I will still love you.

“I don’t always have to agree with you. I will set boundaries of what can go on in my house about what I do not choose to have in my life, but I’ll still love you,” and keep a smile on our faces.

Some of the things people, especially children, don’t realize about love from parents is that there are some of us who constantly wear a frown.

I was taking one of my daughters on her first day of school. She was afraid. I went in with her, and she was holding onto me and trembling. She wasn’t normally afraid of anything. I kept saying, “Honey, what’s the matter?” She said, “She doesn’t like us.” I said, “Who doesn’t like you?” She said, “The teacher.”

The teacher had been late getting in. They usually have a sign posted outside of that room that lists all of the kids. She hadn’t had time to put it up, so as the children came in, they would call out their names.

She was flipping through this list to check off the names. She had this frown on her face. Every child in the room was deathly afraid because she was frowning. She was frowning because she was concentrating on the names on the list.

Frowns make a difference in our attitudes. It’s hard to be happy and radiate love when you’re frowning. Try it. Keep a smile on your face. After awhile, it becomes normal. You will feel better when you’re smiling.

I took two of my daughters shopping one day as teenagers because they were eighteen months apart. After about three hours, they had found absolutely nothing that fit right. I said “Let’s go home.”

We went out to the car. I sat down and said, “Whew!” They both said, “What did I do?” I said, “What do you mean?” She said, “What did I do? You always sigh when you’re angry.” I said, “No, I sigh because it feels good.” Take a deep breath and let it out. It feels good. Other people see it in a different way.


7 Aspects – Love (continued)

I use this for an affirmation frequently. “I release and let go of all people who have completed their part in my divine plan.” This is always done with great harmony.

If you try to hold onto someone when it’s time for that separation, it’s traumatic. People will find a reason to leave. If they are not feeling comfortable, that’s when you need to begin to say, “I let go of all people who have completed their part of my divine plan,” then add, “with ease and comfort.”

This does not mean that people are leaving your life for good. It means you need a little space so each person can grow at their own speed. Maybe six months later they’ll come back in and say, “Where have you been? I’ve missed you.” Both of you will have changed enough that you can come back together, and it will be peaceful and harmonious.

As long as we are trying to hold onto somebody, it’s a control issue. We cannot control other people’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes and emotions. We have to let them go in order for them to grow to that space where we mesh again.

This is what love does. That loving nature begins to feel discomfort-able. I don’t know if that’s a word or not. I just made up a good word. Discomfort is a feeling that something needs to be let go. It’s not letting it go forever. It’s letting it go to allow for personal growth in each division, both in you and the other person.

It’s like moving out of kindergarten and going into the first grade. Sometimes you have to let all of those kindergarteners go at the same time because they live in different parts of the city. They come together again maybe in junior high or the second or third grade when things stabilize again. The Law of Attraction will work.

When we have love in our hearts, and we make up our minds not that we are going to be giving of love but that we are love, we have no problem giving it.

We think of love as something where we’re turned upside down because it’s a partner coming into our life that we can idolize. We can hold him up and put him on a pedestal. What happens when they fall? We’re heartbroken.

We don’t want that kind of relationship. Love is when you attract likeminded people who are on the same wavelength. Love is gentle and kind.

This is a Mother’s Day story, but I’ll tell it now. Many years ago, I was in a grocery store just before Mother’s Day. I was going to be talking about love. I kept thinking, “What example can I use to explain family togetherness so people understand that family love has to be first?” I believe that the first responsibility that God has given us may be our spouse or children. It’s in the family idea.

The grocery store was very crowded that day. I heard a little boy crying somewhere up in the front. He was yelling, “Mommy!” at the top of his voice. A few people went to him, and he wouldn’t talk to them or have anything to do with them.

His mother didn’t answer him for a few minutes. She was way away. He stopped, held his little head up and said, “Beautiful lady!” There was no answer. “Beautiful lady!” There was no answer. “Beautiful lady!” This woman came running and picked him up.

Who taught him that? His dad. Isn’t that a perfect projection of love? A little 2 or 3-year-old knew he could get his mother with words like that. She would recognize his voice. This is the kind of image that we want to give to our families.