How’s That Working For You?

I’m a bit late checking in with you but what do they say? “Better late than never”.

I’m wondering how your “resolutions” are going. I don’t know about you but that word has negative programming in my brain. I hear the “resolution” and I feel “resolve” and almost a drudgery type sensation. I don’t really know where that interpretation and emotional response came from but what it tells me is that I need to avoid using that word. Why use something that you know has negative connotations and will create a negative emotion in me? That sounds counter intuitive don’t you think?

I think that’s why I went to such lengths to come up with your plan of action for scripting your new year. I wanted you to be able to visualize what you are expecting and wanting to happen this coming year. It’s like your own version of the “Bucket List” movie. But right now you’re doing it for just a year.

Take a few minutes and answer honestly as to whether you’re still following your resolutions or not. Have you “modified” them, perhaps? What’s going on with them? How’s it working for you? I love that expression because it implies that maybe you could revisit what you’re doing and come up with something different or more workable for you. If it’s working well, keep on doing it. But if it’s NOT working well, then you should take a different approach. No sense repeating the same things over and over again hoping that at some point there will be a different result. That’s just not going to happen.

If you made resolutions and didn’t script out where you want to be by the end of 2016, take a few minutes now and write out how you’re doing. If you’re continuing on and have had positive results with your resolutions, then keep going on that track.

If, however, your resolutions have gone by the wayside, then try scripting what you want your year to look like. Write it out as if you’re creating a Hollywood movie and it’s going to have your favorite stars in it. Live it, dream it, create it!

Do it now, though! Here’s a link to  New Beginnings, Not Resolutions.

Think about this and take some action now.


One Step Forward…..

As you may or  may not have noticed, I’ve been MIA (missing in action) for over a week.

The FLU!!!!  Get your flu shot now if you haven’t already. I just hadn’t “gotten around to it” and boy am I sorry I procrastinated on this – but aren’t we always sorry we procrastinate on things…sigh. But that’s for another time.

What I really wanted to talk about today  is that old phrase “one step forward and two steps back”.  That’s the spiral that I feel I am in right now. But it’s totally up to me to keep it from being a negative spiral and using the changes to my advantage. That is my responsibility because what I do and what I choose to do is all dependent on what’s inside of me, NOT what’s external. It’s often easier to put the blame or responsibility outside of ourselves because then we don’t have to do anything – we can just whine and complain and feel sorry for ourselves. No  other action is expected  of us. Anne used to say that once you started learning metaphysics you were “in trouble” (jokingly) because you can no longer stand by innocently and blame the Universe for what happens to you. You MUST accept responsibility and take action because this is all of your making.

I know this and so I am examining my attitude and making the appropriate adjustments. I have definitely declared that 2016 is MY YEAR. And I know it will be. So, I have to look at everything that happens and simply “Declare it good!” and then believe that it will be good. So many things have happened in my life to prove this statement that all I really need to do is look back at a few of them (remember I call them Kodak Moments because they are good memories that I can recall and change my vibration almost immediately).

What does all this have to do with my not posting for over a week? I was finally getting back into the swing of running – even though I really was starting over and almost as if I had never run before. But, at least i was out there doing it. And feeling good about persisting through the discouraging moments, those moments of doubt about whether I’d really be able to run or not but continuing to be out there. And then I get hit with this knock down Flu bug and I’m out of commission for about two or more weeks. That means I will have to start over again….poor me..NOT. I am declaring it GOOD! I know there is good in this one step forward and two back. I am being exposed to important lessons and it’s up to me to absorb them and build on them. That I can do. That I will do. I am unstoppable!

What seems to be standing in your way? What can you do to change your attitude to deal with it in such a way that it will end up “Good”.

Remember to declare everything GOOD!


Starting Over

starting overHave you ever had to start all over? Maybe not at everything but at something in your life that matters? What’s your attitude been? Has it been one of these:

  • “Damn, why me? I had made it so far and now I have to start all over again? That’s not fair”, or perhaps
  • “I just won’t bother. It took me so long to get to where I was and it was a lot of hard work. I’m not really ‘up’ for doing all that hard work again so I’ll just move on to something else. It’s not fair but oh well I’ll find something else.”  or
  • “Life has treated me so unfairly and here we go again. Every time I get somewhere on the road to where I want to be, I get pushed off the road by something or someone and I have to climb back up the hill to get back on the road. Why me? Why not someone else? What did I ever do to deserve this? Why didn’t this happen to Johnny? He doesn’t work as hard as I do and he’s mean.” or
  • “OK, so I have to start over. What have I learned in getting to this point of having to start over. I know there’s some very good and important lessons here that I have to pay attention to – if I do, I’ll get even further this time. I am really excited to try new and different approaches this time to make the most of the opportunity I have. I am so grateful I do have the opportunity to start over.”

I would pick the last one for sure.   What good does it do to lament what you don’t have anymore? None and in fact, focusing on what you’ve lost and how unfair it is, stimulates the Law of Attraction to bring you more of that – more loss and “unfairness”. You definitely don’t want that.

Look at starting over as a blessing. What can you enjoy this time that you didn’t get to enjoy the first time around because you were going so fast and were just checking off blocks. Take some time to smell the roses this time. Remember that tomorrow never comes so what can you be grateful for that you have today or that happened today. Be grateful that you had the opportunity to start over and do things even better this time. Savor the experience. You probably didn’t savor it before.

Don’t rush it this time either. Enjoy it. Learn more from it. Meet more people this time. Give more back to the Universe as you’re experiencing this restart.

Your attitude will make everything so much better and rich the second (or third) time around. I promise. It’s all in the attitude.

Enjoy yourself!


Momentum Monday



As you continue working on your 2015 inventory, think about this saying. I know it’s had meaning for me. But, I have to believe that things are falling into place even when I can’t see what that place is.  I think that’s the problem. We always want to be able to see what’s coming up so we can decide if it’s what we want or not…That’s kind of funny as I write it. That approach is NOT one of faith, nor does it say we have much confidence in our ability to work with the Law of Attraction.

This saying fits quite well with “Everything always works out for me” because if I know that everything is always going to work out for me, then I know that no matter what is happening, it is for the good. It is falling into place. It may not be a place I predicted but remember that when we place our order we should NOT be outlining – outlining is telling the Universe how we want something to occur. Our job is just to “place our order” and then let the Universe find the best way to deliver it. Often times, we don’t do a very good job of “placing our order” – maybe this is  a good time to briefly review what you have to do to get the order actually placed in the Universal Catalog.

  • Decide what it is you actually want. Sometimes this is easier to do by simply listing what you don’t want and then describing the opposite. Make sure that it resonates with you deep inside.
  • Be specific about what you want – go into great detail (this is one of the reasons I’m having you write your script for next year – so you can list the details). For example, you can’t just say you want a “lasting relationship” or an “intimate relationship” because you could have either of those with an abusive criminal or someone who hates everything you like.
    • Write out the specifics and go into the greatest detail you can.
    • Always end with “this or something better”
  • Read the list over again and make sure it’s really what you want.
  • Do NOT allow yourself to be swayed. When you do that, you’ll never get what you want.
  • Do NOT doubt that you’ll get what you’ve asked for – no matter how long it seems to take (remember the Law of Gestation).

Place your 2016 order now!





Start Working on 2016 Now

year_crush_year_400_clr_17759I told you last week that I was going to concentrate on you preparing your life for 2016 pretty early. Of course, if you listen to the music in the stores now, it’s not too early (I couldn’t believe that the day after Halloween they had Christmas music on already – why couldn’t anyone create Thanksgiving music?).

There are various parts to preparing for the new year.

Today we’ll start with the inventory phase.

1) You should start listing all the things that went on in your life this past year. I like to do that periodically through the year but it’s definitely important now. You can make simple lists of what happened. You can elaborate as much or as little as you want. The point to this list is to help you remember what you experienced and this includes emotions and thoughts. Did one event seem to lead to another? Did you get “down” on yourself or even in yourself because of one or more events? What did you do to get out a funk if you were in one?  Eventually you’ll be using this list to figure out what you want to change for next year.

2) Once you’ve made your list, go back through it and simply put a plus or a minus by each item on the list. Plus means it was  a good experience. Minus means that it wasn’t as stellar as you would have liked. If right now you feel neutral about it, then you can put both a plus and a minus.

3) Go back through the list and see if any of the events led to the next (or another one down the list); kind of a domino effect. If they did, draw a line to connect them. More importantly see if the plus/minus designation is the same for both.

4) If the plus/minuses are the same can you remember what thoughts and emotions you had during these times? This is important because you want to see if there is any connection in your vibrations or if you were successful in recognizing that you needed to change your thinking and then you did so.

5) Can you recognize any patterns? Where there repeated successes? Failures? Illnesses? Injuries?

6) Take another piece of paper and write down the themes you see.

7) Once you have the themes listed, determine if they are patterns you are happy with or not. Mark them on the sheet or put the ones you’re happy with on one side and those you’re not happy with on the other side.

8)Read the lists over again and determine what you want to change; or, what you want to have more of next year.

9) Go through each of the themes and see if you can identify your beliefs (limiting or not) that worked to bring these events into existence or at least what beliefs affected the outcome.

10) How did the Law of Attraction come into play with these events?

Keep reviewing this list for a few days before we go on to phase 2.

Go ahead and get started. Hopefully you’re like me and write everything down on a calendar that you can use for reference.