Variety is the Spice of Life

variety is the spice of lifeThis is a “no brainer” when we’re just making conversation. But what about when it has to do with our own lives? Oops…when we actually have to embrace the concept – no matter what the changes may be – it’s not so easy.

Now I’m not talking about plain old variety but often the forced kind of variety. Case in point – when someone is no longer able to perform a hobby or even a job because of an illness or injury, they then have to switch to some other activity or job. It becomes very awkward and is often met with resistance IF the person has not had other activities to at least dabble in while they were so immersed in the thing they love to do.

I guess this phrase goes along with the “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” theory too. If all your eggs are in one place and that basket is dropped or crushed, you’re left with nothing. So, for the sake of your future, it’s wise to find other things to occupy your time and life.  Otherwise you end up depressed and worried about trying to get into a new activity when you’ve never even thought about it.

Variety also helps keep you from being burned out. This applies to both work and play events. The more variety you have in each area of your life, the more you mind can engage different parts of your brain and raise your endorphins.  That gives you a lift in all parts of your life. In addition, it keeps you busy and that is always useful for keeping you excited about life.

In order to prevent being caught without something to do in your life, start spreading your wings and become interested in different things in your life. This will keep you from being totally derailed if anything happens that throws you off your game for awhile (or even permanently).

Take an inventory and see how narrow your life is or isn’t. Are there areas you want to or should broaden. Is your life just focused on one thing. For example, my life was all medicine when I was younger. If anything had happened that would have removed me from that field, I have no idea what would have happened to me. I would have been in a great state of despair. Fortunately, nothing happened and I learned to extend my interests. And after many years, I also developed other interests other than my primary one of running. This was beneficial since I have been out of running now for nearly 4 months and would have gone stark raving mad had there been nothing else in my life.

Take a look at your life and figure out what else you might be interested in! You won’t regret it.


Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1“You create your own reality and you do so because the thoughts that you are thinking cause you to emanate a vibrational frequency that the Law of Attraction is constantly responding to. And so, in all waking moments, you are creating your own point of attraction and everything that you experience is coming to you because of your vibrational emanation and the response of Law of Attraction to that vibration. It is as if you are standing on a sort of spinning vibrational disc and only things of the same vibration can join you on your disc. Your disc changes depending upon the thoughts that you are thinking and the emotions that you are feeling.” ~Abraham [Excerpted from the book: Co-creating at Its Best on November 13, 2013]

We’ve talked about this many times but I find that it’s never bad to bring it up again. It’s such an important concept that being reminded every day would be a good thing even.

What this quote tells you is that you MUST watch what you’re thinking about almost each and every moment. If that seems impossible, remember that your goal is to create habits that have you thinking in a way that will attract what you want at all times. Where people get into trouble is when one minute they are up and then the next minute they are down and worried. The roller coaster ride keeps the Universe circling without bringing you anything except more of what you already have – if that’s stuff you don’t want more of, that’s what you’ll get. If it’s good things, then you’ll get more of that. BUT nothing will come very rapidly.

Your desire should be to continuously receive all that you want in abundance. The way to do that is to become steadfast in your thoughts. Whenever you start to think a less than positive producing thought, catch yourself and say “that is not my truth” and immediately switch your thought. I did that yesterday. I was really feeling down about my lack of progress running and then my ankle problem forcing me to take a week off running so I was starting to think that I was doomed to stop running and not do my trek across Tennessee this summer etc etc etc. Fortunately I caught myself early on and reversed that thought to something I could live with. I say ‘that I could live with’ because you don’t want to just try to be Pollyanna because your subconscious mind might not be able to wrap itself around the “goody two shoes” thoughts depending on where you are with it all. The ‘something I could live with’ was the thought about the other directions my life could take and where I could be happy even if I couldn’t run. That got me back into a positive momentum – not positive, perhaps, from a running perspective but positive from a life perspective.  And that’s what’s important. I was able to move from one love into the rest of my life to find something else that I love (coaching and especially this new topic I’m studying) so there were plenty of opportunities for my thoughts to travel – all along a really great line of thinking. So, I did not attract anything bad to me.

Be mindful of your thoughts – if you “slip”, immediately turn them around using some key phrase, word or even “Kodak Moment” to get back on that vibrational disc that will keep the Universe delivering the great things you’re asking for!

You really just have to be aware of what you’re “saying” – either out loud or internally! Continual practice at this will make it your natural state and that’s what we want –  to develop that habit!



Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work……By Itself

picking_your_brainWhat you are vibrating is often different from what you’re saying or “thinking”. You can say all the positive things you want, affirmations in every sentence…but unless you’ve cleared the land (gotten rid of all the negative stuff in your belief system), the affirmations’ effect will be minimal or if you see a result then it most likely will be temporary.

Your vibrations are based on your feelings. Although affirmations and positive thinking can give you a temporarily improved feeling so that you think you’re doing everything correctly, reality is that you still have that underlying anxiety about the lack in your life. Why is that still there? Because you didn’t identify your limiting beliefs and then work to clear them out, replacing them with new beliefs.

Every time you say an affirmation such as “I am prosperous and wealthy”, your soul feels the contradiction between the words and the feeling “I don’t deserve to be prosperous” or “all prosperous people are greedy”  or “money is the root of all evil” etc. When there are these contradictory thoughts and feelings inside of you, your vibrations bounce back and forth like a ping pong ball. Nothing can come from that except more confusion and sensation of lack. You feel confused and clumsy and when saying the affirmations (or doing other types of positive thinking), you feel worse than before but you can’t identify the reason. You’re still stuck in the lack belief/vibration and that’s what rules your results.

This is why so many people say that positive thinking or the Law of Attraction “doesn’t work”.

It will work but not by itself. You have to obey the other Universal laws and work on getting rid of your limiting beliefs.

Can you think of any situations where this has occurred in your life? Let us know by putting it in the comment box.


Momentum Monday


When you talk about what you want and why you want it, there’s usually less resistance within you than when you talk about what you want and how you’re going to get it. When you pose questions you don’t have answers for, like how, where, when, who, it sets up a contradictory vibration that slows everything down.
Excerpted from the workshop: San Antonio, TX on January 29, 2005

Read this quote over and over again. The importance of it cannot be overstated. It follows on yesterday’s post about Good Vibrations too.

You have the answers to:

  • What you want (clarity comes even from those things you don’t want)
  • Why you want it/them

You don’t necessarily have the answers to:

  • How you’re going to get it
  • When you’re going to get it
  • Whose going to be involved
  • etc

What this quote is saying is that it’s easier to focus on the “why” you want something and since there is usually an emotional investment (and a positive one) the vibrations are high and positive and it’s much more likely that you’re going to be able to allow it into your life. If you’re trying to focus on the “how” with all the attendant logistical concerns. Your intellectual brain starts getting involved with the who, what, when, where, why and how. When that happens you are trained to think of the “pros and cons” and that means you have to think in terms of lack.

If you focus only on the what and why you can be emotional and get your positive vibrations really buzzing on a high plane without any negatives or lack to get in the way.

Try it this week. Focus only on the what and why. If you find your brain drifting toward the “how”, immediately go back to the why!


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

looking_in_mirror_400_clr_5647This post will be short but should prompt you to think a great deal.

Do you realize that everything you see outside of you is merely a reflection of what is inside of yourself? We see a projection of whatever thoughts and feelings we put forth into the Universe. This would seem only natural because of the Law of Attraction – we are attracting to us what it is we feeling and thinking about. What’s the best way for those things we’re focusing on to manifest? In others or in external circumstances.

So, when things are not going the way you’d like them to, take a look around you and see what it is you don’t like. Then take the brave step of asking yourself “what is it about me that is similar to all of this? What am I focusing on that is bringing this type of person/situation into my life?”

This is not that easy to do. Let’s say you’re surrounded by people who are always complaining. Take a day and watch what thoughts go through your mind and what words come out of your mouth. Are they complaints? I find that occasionally when I’ve been driving and not happy with the behavior of other drivers. It’s not long after that that I find myself doing the same kind of driving behavior. It smacks me right in the face and that’s a good, though painful, thing. It reminds me not to judge others – that they are acting just as I am – if I condemn them, then I should be condemned as well. But instead of feeling guilty (for a long time – there’s that initial guilt of course), I focus on changing my behavior so I don’t repeat that cruddy driving practice.

If I’m not having a good day then I look at what it is about that day that I found distasteful or less than I wanted. When I’ve done that I look at my life and see what it is I’m doing/thinking/feeling that is making that come about. If there’s been conflict, then I ask why I need conflict in my life at this time? What is it I’m really looking for – to win something? To be in the battle? Relief from boredom? Distraction from other responsibilities? What is it?

Take some time to look inside when you’re seeing something outside that you don’t like.

Let us know in the comment section what you’ve realized.