Catherine Ponder's Creative Law of Prosperity

There are three basic steps in the Creative Law of Prosperity:
1) Having a plan, writing out your desires concerning that plan and constantly expanding it
2) Mentally imaging that plan as fulfilled
3) Constantly affirming its perfect fulfillment

Without the first part, the other two are ineffective.

Today we’ll talk about this first step – desire and the ability to do something constructive about that desire.

There is nothing weak or lukewarm about true desire. It is intense, powerful. If it’s properly developed and expressed it carries with it the power for success. The stronger your desires for good, the greater the power of your desires to produce that good for you.

How can you release your deep-seated desires for prosperity and success? By centering your attention on one big goal at a time. One big goal always includes a number of small desires that are automatically fulfilled went he big one is achieved. We influence people and events by having great desires and great goals.  It is as though everything and everybody subconsciously tunes in on our big desires and goals, and gets busy helping us to achieve them.

Use this affirmation “I desire the highest and best in life, and I now draw the highest and best to me.”

Write down your desires:
Take your deep-seated desires and, instead of suppressing them as impossible dreams, begin expressing them constructively by deciding what they really are. Then doing something very simple but very powerful about them – WRITE THEM DOWN.

Make a list or draw up some potential plan (make sure you remember you are free to change, revise, reform and rearrange your ideas about it as necessary). Writing out your desires and formulating a plan on paper clarifies the desires in you mind and the mind produces definite results only when it has been given definite ideas through which to work.

Don’t be afraid to be definite in your thoughts and desires. Don’t just say you want to live better – say HOW you want to live – what does “better” mean to you. Instead of saying you want “more” money – how much money do you want – get specific, get definite. “Desire is God tapping at the door of your mind, trying to give you greater good.” ~Dr. Emilie Cady.

If you suppress those deep desires, they have no constructive outlet and often turn into destructive channels expressed as neurotic tendencies, phobias, tension or perhaps as suppression that finds outlet through alcoholism, mental illness, addiction, other negative actions.

Now you’ll begin to see why Catherine Ponder is the First Lady of New Thought!



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