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In order for you to see what a great mind Dr. Kunath has, I thought you’d like to read some responses from Dr. Kunath. Here’s a question we received from a member followed by Dr. Kunath’s answer:

Q. I’ve gotten several things I wished I hadn’t asked for. How do I eliminate them now.

A. A good example of “be careful what you ask for, because you’re going to get it”. I’ve done that a few times myself before I learned to examine how I would be and feel if I got what I thought I wanted. One time I asked for greater income and got a lot more work. That was not what I intended. I was teaching a Treasure Mapping Class and had the students bring in their maps for me to check before they began to concentrate on them. One map had a man in the middle, on a ship and holding a drink in his hand. I knew her first husband had been an alcoholic and told her she needed another picture and reminded her she had stated she didn’t want another alcoholic. Instead of getting another picture she cut his hand off that held the drink. When she brought that one in I pointed out the one armed man. She did find a beautiful picture with a healthy man in it. She put words of health, sober but fun loving, prosperous, generous, etc. and shortly afterward got married.

Step 1 is to really evaluate and be sure you are asking correctly.

Step 2 is to include positive words and phrases like “loves my family” or “his family loves me” that will eliminate negative in-law situations.

Step 3 is more words of long, happy marriage, loves to travel, sincere, enjoys my friends, I enjoy his friends. Integrity, generosity, sleeps quietly (without snoring). Remember, everything you want him to be, you have to match for yourself. (If you want a neatnik, and you’re a slob it would not work very well.)

If you still got something you don’t want, there is a way out. Simply affirm that you are finished with that part of your life and you both move in to the next step of your divine plans with ease and comfort. You must put a “completion” into something to assure you both can let go with peace. That does worrk well. Good luck.

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