Check Your Attitude….And Your Momentum

attitudeWhat ARE you thinking about right now? What are you feeling – this is much more important than what you’re thinking. You could be thinking that you have to go shopping today but even though you’re thinking this, you’re feeling depressed and lonely. Is your posture upright or slumped?  Try sitting upright right now and see if that changes how you feel. Take a deep breath and repeat that a few times.  Breathing deeply and having an upright posture will definitely improve how you feel and think.

Your momentum will be based on your attitude/feelings. And remember what I wrote about a few weeks ago – you CAN change your attitude. You can change how you feel. You may have to repeat a favorite affirmation several times or even use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which I highly recommend. But find some way to think the way you want to feel. Pull up a Kodak Moment and focus on it.  That should at least make you smile. When you smile, you’ll find that your feelings change.

Write in your Book of Positive Aspects or your Appreciation/Gratitude journal. Look around you and see the beauty around you – I like to go outside and look at my cactus garden and see what new “sprouts” might have popped up.  For some reason I am not a flower person but really cherish my cactus (maybe it’s because there’s less effort involved). Looking at them and seeing how much they have grown makes my day. It’s a little thing and only involves me going outside and looking at these living objects and I’m happy. Even if that happiness is short lived,  it has put me onto a different plane and spun my momentum in a much better direction. If I pull up another Kodak Moment or start a Rampage of Appreciation (which is usually very easy to do because there has to be something around you that you appreciate), then my attitude and momentum go even further in the direction I want. There is no “right” or “wrong” momentum or attitude just as there are not really positive or negative emotions. What we consider to be a “negative” emotion is actually letting you know what you don’t want in life. It’s contrast showing you what you really want. If you’re depressed, you know you don’t want to be depressed, you want to be happier.  Once you recognize this and then remember that you control your thoughts, you can move up the emotional scale to head toward any somewhat happier emotion. You will move onto a different plane of momentum.

I’m not saying that becoming happy and joyful is necessarily easy but it is possible and is most likely easier than you even realize.  That’s why I continue to encourage you to create your Kodak Moments album in your head.

When you’re stuck and think there is no way to change your attitude and have tried everything I have recommended, consider getting a coach. A coach will help you identify ways to pull yourself out of that funk you think you’re in speedy_turtle_400_clr_13232and improve your attitude/momentum. You really can do this but sometimes you need help.  Folks underestimate the power of a coach. If you’ve tried various ways to reach a higher plane and improve your thinking, you may need help. Remember that quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.  If you continue to get the same results, ask for help. If you want to improve your life and reach for the stars but they have seemed just “out of reach” for you, a coach will give you the boost you need. A Coach will help you climb the stairway to your goal. Look at the sports teams that are stuck in the cellar (bottom of their sport) and all of a sudden a new coach is hired. They frequently will skyrocket to success. The new coach has helped them break out of their habits and enabled them to elevate their attitude and momentum.

Start with a Rampage of Appreciation. Look around you for something you think is “nice”. Then start elaborating on what you appreciate about either that thing or the things around it. Keep that going until you run out of things to appreciate and then move to something else similar to it and start appreciating it. Just keep going for at least 68 seconds if not more.

I want you to be happy. I want the best for you. All these posts are to help you realize you control your own life. I simply want you to take that control and do something with it that makes you happy!

Let me hear from you if you need more advice.



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