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Today I want to talk about Denials and show you the importance of all that is available in the home study course “The Art of Making Things Happen” – today is day five of the launch and I want you to see the tremendous amount of info you’re missing each and every minute you don’t have that program in your possession.


One of the most difficult things for people to understand is the importance of the active and beneficial use of denials. Many things that we have been told about the use of denials is counter productive. Many are just wrong.

The Truth is: Your subconscious hears everything. It hears you can and it hears you can’t. It hears health, it hears sick. It hears plenty, it hears lack. What you hear as a child determines what your life will be…. until you reach a mature age to make your own decisions. At that time you can change your life to make it whatever you want to be.

Imagine you traveled on a wagon train to take your family for a new start out west. You arrived at a place with a small lake, lots of beautiful trees, rich land, a wonderful place and said “this is it”. You first must clean the clutter away so you can build your house. You cut down the trees that are in the way, take out the stumps, move the big rocks, Denials serve to say no to things that don’t fit into your dreams and provides the learning process to make wise choices.

Now, pretend you are moving into another house built by someone else. As you begin to take your things inside, you discover the former owner left a mess. He had little foresight in long range plans. You want to make your life easier. Before you move in you decide to clear out the clutter someone else has put into your house. Denials provide a method to prevent taking someone else’s junk. It’s how our Spirit becomes a greater authority with determining our own lives. Denials teach us to plan ahead.

It is this way with every decision we make. Unless we decide what we don’t want, we attract to us what other peoples opinions and beliefs have given us. Most of us move because we want something better. A bigger house, a better working relationship, a better salary, improved health. Companions who have dreams similar to ours. We have been given the ability to visualize our dreams. We learn to use this ability to make our lives easier.

By learning to say no to what we don’t want we learn to say yes to what we do want. By learning to say no to sickness we learn to identify with health. By learning to say no to poverty we learn to say yes to plenty. By learning to say no to struggle we learn to say yes to comfort.

You’ll learn to love doing denials when you claim your copy of “The Art of Making Things Happen”. I did. Whenever I start feeling unease in my life or when
something seems to go “wrong”, I turn to denials to find out what old belief systems are being stirred.

The free audio you receive when you give us your name and primary e-mail address addresses many questions submitted by our members. One of these questions may be yours.

Check all this out! Once you pick up your copy of “The Art of Making Things Happen” you’ll be able to start almost immediately on your denials.


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