Condition Your Mind Properly

We talked about solitude and how that is essential for getting your mind ready and receptive. We also talked about “fear” in the Applied Psychology post. Well, today we’re going to read Napoleon Hill’s work again and this time he talks about the importance of Conditioning Your Mind Properly. I bet that 99% or more of you can use this information. Let us know what you think by commenting afterwards!

Condition Your Mind Properly
by Dr. Napoleon Hill

Remember: anything you fear will trail you around like a pet dog: poverty, ill health, criticism, loss of love. The mind attracts the physical counterpart of that on which it dwells. The majority of people going through life think of those things which they don’t want, and they are getting every one of them.

Wouldn’t it, therefore, be a good idea to refuse to think about the things you don’t want and feed your mind with pictures of the things you do want? This is nothing more important in your entire life than learning the art of keeping your mind focused upon the things, conditions and circumstances of life which you really want. This is the greatest application of applied faith you can make. When your mind has definiteness of purpose, you are in a condition to start having faith. And when you have faith, you can call upon the vast reservoir of Infinite Intelligence to assist you in carrying out your objectives.

Have you ever wondered why prayer sometimes doesn’t work? Has it occurred to you that there may be something wrong in the way you pray? Prayer always works, but not always in the way you want it to. When you go to pray with your fingers crossed, after everything else has failed, and only half believe that your prayer will be heard and answered when you approach prayer with an improper mental attitude: you will not receive the answers you want. Because the dominating thought in your mind is negative, you may be sure that Infinite Intelligence will give you a negative answer.

The art of being grateful for the blessings you already possess is of itself the most profound form of worship, and incomparable gem of prayer.

It can be truthfully said that seldom in life will you fail to accomplish an act or achieve a purpose if you condition your mind properly before you start. It all depends on the way you condition your mind.

It is a fact that man is the master of every other living thing on this earth. If we look about us we can see that the birds of the air and the beasts of the jungle have been wisely provided with food and the necessities of their existence through the Diving plan. Is man, then, not worthy of the same blessing?

All that you need to do to get anything you rightfully should have is to take possession of your own mind and use it. You do not have to ask anyone for this privilege. It’s yours … now! The approach to liberty, freedom, good health, love and an abundance of the material things of this life is through your own mind, but the methods described in this and other lessons of the PMA Science of Success philosophy. The purpose of this philosophy is to explain how you may take possession of your own mind and use it intelligently to fulfill the measure of your creation.

Source: PMA Science of Success Course. Pgs. 103 & 104. 

Napoleon Hill is such a master and we’re very lucky to have his words of wisdom to learn from!

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