Conserve Your Time & Energy


Begin to discipline yourself more; conserve your time and energy ; associate only with other prosperous-minded people, with whom you have compatible interests. As you turn from all that is unproductive or unrelated to your vision of prosperity; as you stop trying to please others and dare to please the “still, small voice” of progress within your own heart, you are well on the way to financial independence.

Many people want to become financially independent but they never make the grade because they refuse to discipline themselves and their way of life. It may seem to you an extreme idea that you must concentrate, concentrate and concentrate on prosperity to the exclusion of all else, that you should discard negative, failure-minded business associates; that you should begin fearlessly to weed out all undesirable relationships; that you should be careful with whom and how you spend your time, even your leisure time.

 Once you decide to try this method, you will discover that it as though you are breaking hard shell of limited thought, feeling and activity. When you get past that point, you can begin enjoying a more balanced way of life again. but there is that transition period of having a “one-track mind” that thinks only of success and prosperity, after which you find yourself in a much higher financial bracket. you will discover a new zest in life, and you will be able to relax and really have fun, because you have earned it. But unless you conserve and concentrate prior to that point you’ll never attain it.


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