Courage & Self-Esteem

Radical Self-Acceptance: A Stripped-Down Body Positivity Experiment/Performance from Melanie Flitton Folwell on Vimeo.

I was going to post something else today but when I saw this, I felt it was much more valuable than anything I could write.

I posted this on Facebook this week but want it to remain on my blog because it is so very meaningful and shows courage as well as demonstration of love for others and herself.

She is a champion for others who have had self-esteem issues. She is simply a champion! I applaud her bravery and desire.

I am now certified as an eating psychology coach and want to reach out to anyone who has these type of issues with their body image or weight issues and offer them my coaching services. I am also going to be launching a membership site soon and will definitely let people on this site know if they are interested.

Watch this video several times and reflect on your own self-esteem and self-image and then on how you judge others.


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