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How often have you said to yourself “I just can’t keep doing this to myself!” I’m unhappy. Don’t feel successful. Know I can do better.

You may have heard the saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Yet day after day you give yourself excuses to stay where you are:

  • I don’t have time to learn anything new.
  • I can’t afford to change – the courses cost too much.
  • I don’t know who to trust.
  • I don’t know where to start or what to do to change.

Those are just excuses. And there’s really no reason to continue to use those excuses.

Introducing FAVE

FAVE is a new program from noted coach, Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher. Combining her background in health care, her extensive study of metaphysics, and her unique down-to-earth coaching style, Terrie leads you through the four steps of the FAVE program:

F = Focus

A = Attraction

V = Vibrations

E = Emotions

In this 4-week Class you work  at your own pace . Each lesson includes the audio lesson, the transcript, and the worksheets you need to complete the exercises. You will be amazed at how quickly you begin to see changes in your perspective on the key areas covered in the class:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Emotional vibrations
  • Desired outcomes
  • Focus
  • And so much more!

You’ll listen as Terrie coaches students just like you to apply the principles and techniques on a daily basis. You’ll see exactly how TRANSFORMATION happens!

What Will I Get From FAVE?

Most importantly you will determine what you WANT. That, in and of itself, may be what’s been holding you back. Often times people don’t go any place because they don’t know where it is they want to go. Their GPS can’t work because no destination has been set.

You will be actively participating in the activities. As you listen to other students asking questions and being coached, you’ll see that they have the same issues that you do. What you thought was a unique problem only you have becomes the reality that you are not alone. It may seem like it but, believe me, many people experience the same obstacles and challenges you have.

You’ll study the Law of Attraction in depth – not just from the media’s surface perspective, but from a depth of understanding. And through your study you’ll realize it has been working all this time – without your having to do a thing!

You will build your toolkit of techniques and processes that will allow you to regain the power you thought was out of your reach. This course is heavily based in the processes created and taught by Abraham-Hicks and that have been practiced by thousands of people over the past 20+ years.

You’ll recognize and then increase your power. Using the techniques and exercises, you will learn how to alter your beliefs. You’ll see how to change what happens to and for you every day. You’ll improve your every minute thoughts (AND feelings) in order to have the best life journey possible, helping you reach where you want to go.

Remember – it really is about the journey and not the finish. Your enjoyment of this journey is what I want for you.

What’s Included In The FAVE Program

Inside the password-protected members’ site you’ll find all of the materials for each week of the program. Each module includes the audio lesson, the transcript, and all of the worksheets you need to complete the exercises.

Week 1

In this opening week, we’ll cover:

  • Law of Attraction
  • A3 – Ask, Answer, Allow
  • Determine What You Want
  • Learn to Connect With Your Desires

Plus you’ll learn the logistics of the course, particularly how to make your progress even faster!

Week 2

Everything you do is based on what you believe. That’s why we are dedicating a lot of time to examining the core elements of your beliefs and guidance systems this week.

  • Beliefs (identifying your limiting beliefs)
  • The Importance of Vibrations
  • Using Your Emotional Guidance System

And naturally you’ll have all the worksheets and exercises to help you move important, raising your vibrations along the way.

Week 3

It’s great to change your beliefs, but unless you recognize why you haven’t done so in the past, you won’t go very far. That’s why we focus on the things holding you back this week.

  • Change Your Vibrations
  • Are You Allowing or Resisting?
  • Chemicalization and How To Avoid That

You’ll see faster results and have a general break-through as you complete the exercises for the week.

Week 4

All of your work to this point has been helping you clear the way for the future. That’s why this week’s focus on is on the future and how to use these materials moving forward.

  • Focus
  • Future Focus
  • What Should You Do Now?

You’ll finish up the course, knowing that you have used your time and energy wisely. You’ll have a sense of achievement and will most likely already be seeing the results of your efforts.

Plus When You Enroll Today

You will receive these bonuses:

Bonus 1: Lifetime Access to the materials. You can come back for a “refresher” any time you feel like you want to move to the next level in your live goals. The materials will be waiting for you inside the password-protected members’ site.

Bonus 2: Our unique Gratitude Journal software. Because gratitude is such a key ingredient in any program designed to increase your abundance, I had my own software designed for the PC. Plus, you will also have access to the PDF version of the Gratitude Journal, for Mac users and those who prefer a PDF.

Bonus 3: The “Believe it or Not” video and transcript. This introduces you to the concept of beliefs and how they influence your life. It may be an eye-opener to you!

What’s My Investment For This Unique Program?

Yes, Terrie. I am interested in being a part of the course. I recognize that, as with any quality program, I must invest my:

1. Time – You will listen to the calls and proceed at your own pace. I recommend you work on only one call per week so that you get the maximum value from each module. That allows your head and heart to adapt to the changes over a period of time.

2. Effort – You have to participate in changing your own life. As you’ve heard so many times before – if you’re not willing to do the work, nothing will change.

3. Commitment – You need to commit to four weeks of doing the daily activities. I estimate it will take approximately 30-60 minutes per day of personal work in order to achieve the results you want. But you can put in as much time and effort as you like and get what you need – only you know how much and what that is!

4. Feedback – You should be willing to provide feedback on the course. This is a “work in progress” (always!) so your feedback helps improve the course. Plus it provides realistic expectations for future students.

5. Money – In order to impact as many people as possible with this life-changing program, I’m keeping the price at only $47. That’s a one-time payment.

If you are ready to TRULY change your life…

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