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get ready for 2015Now is the time to start getting ready for 2015. You want to enter 2015 with your life and attainment of your desires mapped out in detail and visualized. Even though December is usually a very busy month, why not consider changing your focus from holiday gifting and partying to creating your life and setting yourself up for success in 2015?

This not just about setting goals. Most of us have January come upon us quickly and we hastily throw together some things we think we might want to work toward in the coming year. But unless we prepare properly  we may not be choosing the right kind of goals or might not be getting specific enough, or maybe not even deep enough.

So what’s the best way to go about this? I like to review everything that’s happened to and “in” me during the last year. I cherish my calendar for this. I have gotten into the habit of writing an amazing amount of information in my calendar. It serves as a journal of sorts. I have tried a separate journal but that doesn’t work. Since I have this great calendar program that has room for everything (notes, comments, addresses, journal of its own) that seems to be the best place for me to keep everything in one place.

I go back to the previous January in my calendar and I look at all at the events that I’ve had (even if I didn’t journal in the calendar, just noting the events would be sufficient for this purpose). I am always amazed at all that’s happened. As I’m looking at each thing, I ask myself where I was spiritually and emotionally at that time and then compare it to where I am right now. What has changed? What did I learn and how did it effect me? What changes have happened since then? How is my attitude different if it is? What would I have liked to have happened differently? Is this something I want to recreate but in a more successful manner? Or is it something that I’ve done and am done with?

It’s almost as if I write the story of the past year as I’m doing this. It really is revealing as long as you ask yourself the right questions and take the time to answer honestly – that is probably the really key thing – to answer deeply and honestly.  Take your time with this. It’s very important – it will generate feelings and emotions as you go through the whole year. You’ll use those emotions as a gauge for where you want to go next.

Once you’ve done this, you can “feel” how you want your life to go on. You can determine what you want to happen in the coming year. Once you let your emotions guide you in that direction, you should then take the time to actually script out the results you’re seeking for the year. Write out your attitude changes, your life changes, your nutrition changes (I keep talking about that lately but it’s essential to have the right nutrition to feed your soul as well as your body), your exercise and work changes. What events would you like to have happen and what outcomes would you like. For example, would you like to change jobs or maybe retire? If so, get specific so you create the job or retirement situation you truly want ( you do NOT want a new job where you have to work even harder than you may be doing now; when you retire you want to be comfortable and have at least all the amenities you have now). Think through everything carefully.

Write these things down. Feel them. Get the momentum going. Keep this “story” by your side at all times and keep reading it. But remember that you can rewrite it as you go along. You can add more details to it; you can change details; you can change goals and outcomes or even delete a particular event if you decide that you really don’t want it; you can add things to it depending on what happens.

But the point to writing it out is to embed it in your mind and get the “engine” (Law of Attraction) going. You will be amazed how once you’ve take the time to get specific, list the details and actually script your story, it will come to pass!

Try it. Do a little bit each day or take a day on the weekend. Just do it though! That’s the important thing.

Let me know how things are going.


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