Dare To Be Different


Conservation of thought, energy and emotional drive are all necessary for financial independence. In order to become permanently prosperous you must dare to be different! At least for a while. The time for daring is the moment when the stakes are high. We must be willing to risk as much in order to win much- we must be willing to put all to the test.

This leads to a joyous, satisfying life filled with congenial associations and rich experiences, a life free from nonessential activities. When you decide to become financially independent, you immediately make up your mind to cease caring “what people think” and dare to concentrate on your goal. As you become more prosperous, you will not care what you previous associates think anyway, because you will undoubtedly be forming new, more satisfying, and more congenial relationships in keeping with your expanding vision.

Think BIG!

  The most successful people think big, not limiting themselves or their associates to their ideas and opinions. If you desire to  be free of a lot of limited thoughts and petty opinions, begin to think big.

Concentrate on financial independence and you will “lose” the petty thinkers along the way. You’ll cultivate enduring, satisfying friends who will help you up the ladder of success.

Hold on to your dreams and visions of great success, prosperity and financial independence until others of like mind come along to help make it come true.

Dust off your dream

If you have unfulfilled dreams and visions of greater prosperity and success somewhere in your mind, don’t keep them there any longer. Dare to bring them out and dust them off. Dare to begin thinking of the possibilities of financial independence even if, at this point, they seem impossible to fulfill.  

Often you may not have succeeded because you felt that somehow you had to succeed alone and the thought overwhelmed you; it seemed easier to settle for failure. Form your partnership with God.  God’s guidance about your financial situation will never lead you anywhere but to greater prosperity. Begin every day asking for, listening for and expecting specific guidance about all your projects.

Remember that God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omniactive. Remind yourself of that frequently. Acceptance of that allows you to calmly receive whatever guidance and advice you get. God opens ways where there seems to be no way. Grasp this truth and hold fast to it. Businesses have been saved, fortunes built, discoveries made, inventions perfected and the dead restored to life after the sentence of defeat has been made by humanity. Fortunately God’s goodness does not stop at the limits of our human vision. Keep steady, keep your faith, keep your courage and remember that God opens ways where, to the human mind, there is no way.



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