Defining Your Self-Awareness

Defining Your Self-Awareness

As we are Self-aware and someone disagrees with us, we do not feel a need to defend our Self.

We do not get upset by their disagreement. Someone else’s disagreement with us is their own self-interpretation and has nothing to do with us. They are experiencing their own consciousness.

When we are actively Self-aware, living out the inner idea of life, love, individualized, we do not really have to plan what we are going to say or what we are going to do.

This is because the idea with which we are identifying will always tell us what we need to know as we need to know it.

When we are Self-aware, there is ALWAYS something within our Self that knows what to say, what to give, what to express.

As long as we are always BEING our Self, living out of this inner reality, we are divinely guided and given instructions out of that “I” that we are, because Mind always fulfills every concept, every self-image, every idea that we use.

First of all we have to be Self-aware.

“There is One self, One Presence, One Being.

That Self that I really am is God and all that I can conceive of God to be.

I am an individualization of It, therefore my good already IS.

Since I am that which is forever complete, then mine is the consciousness of Truth, Love, God.

I am eternally aware of this Presence living through all that I think, say and do and thus I am free to go anywhere and know infinite success always, for the Presence of God is always in action as me.

When we are Self-aware, actively knowing Who and What we really are, and we are EXPRESSING the love that we are—our Self-acceptance – then we can only know, express and hear the words of love, which then draw out of the Infinite Mind the action and experience of love.

When we plan what we are going to say and do we are dealing with shadows because our plans may not fit the situation when it arrives.

It may not be at all what we imagined it was going to be for each moment has its own purpose and its unique opportunities.

When we are busy minding our own business, being involved with the uniqueness of our Total Self, then we are free to act rather than to react.

When we are busy giving, there is always action instead of reaction.

When we are actively Self-aware, when we are involved with Truth about our Self and therefore about everyone else, when we are expressing Love and a sense of completeness, we can only see, hear and experience our True Self.

There is really no one else in our experience but our own Self.

Everyone in our experience represents a facet of our Self.

They are shadows of our Self. The power is Self. There is only one power, one being.”

Dr. Tom Johnson

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