Derailed? Get Back On Track

train_haul_text_11262So you’ve been derailed. You had a perfect course or action planned and everything was going fine and dandy. Then all of a sudden  – poof! You’re knocked for a loop and off course. Now what? Do you just quit, crawl in a hole and mope? Or do you regroup and revisit your goals and plans? Do you feel as if you just have to start all over because your initial plans were so elaborate and thorough that you have no other options at this point? You’re not giving up but it will take time to get back on another course.

The first thing you need to do is declare it good – no matter what it is! Follow this with “everything always works out for me”. Then remember that you do not know what the Universe has in store for you. Think about people who have missed their flights and it turns out that plane crashed – this was never more evident than on 9/11. What if those folks had made it to their plane? What about the people who were late to work and thus were not in the World Trade Center buildings when the attack was made? Were they cursing that they missed out? Even if they were initially upset, they should have been very, very grateful after the event.

I think I’ve mentioned the one time I was working in Washington, D.C. and there was a snow storm coming. I had asked my boss if I could leave work early and he said “no” because we were having a special lecture. I was pouting for the entire session. When I finally got to leave, I was not able to go down I-95 as I usually did because there had been a 100 car pile-up when the storm blew in suddenly. Even though it took me 8 hours to get home via the detour, I was safe. Had I left when I wanted to leave, I would have been right in the middle of the mess and who knows what would have happened. The Universe was really looking out for me.

This year I ended up having a medical issue and major surgery and my training for the run across Tennessee has been completely derailed. Normally this would have bothered me a great deal especially because last year I had to pull out of the run at only 104 miles and have been mentally and emotionally preparing for it this year. Now, my ability to complete it has, once again, been placed in jeopardy. I could pout and sulk and be all upset….or, I could declare it good and remind myself that everything always works out for me and move on from there. I chose to do the latter. So, my training has been compromised quite a bit and I have absolutely no idea how I will do or if I will be able to complete this event.

But, you know what? It’s not the end of the world and it’s not even a very important time in the grand scheme of things in life. It’s an event and it will be there next year if I need to try it again. I do know that this will be one of the best times I have had in my life no matter what the outcome. I will be able to see people I haven’t seen in either 6 months or a year even and I’ll get to experience the kindness and caring of the people all along the route in Tennessee. The generosity and friendliness I saw and felt last year was overwhelming. These people didn’t know me from Adam and yet they wanted to do anything and everything they could to help me. They were supportive and caring and cheered us all on even though I was at the end. If I had just been mopey that I couldn’t complete the race, I would have missed the feelings I had from interacting with them. That was priceless to me. Yes, it’s just a “run” but the people and love you get to see and have touch you is more than you could ever expect. Do you think I want to miss that? Heck no! So, essentially it’s all about priorities. As I said, this is not a great priority when you think of famine and illness and poverty throughout the world. So, I’m not going to let the derailment get the best of me. I changed my plans and training and will simply enjoy whatever happens.

What’s your attitude when your plans get derailed?  Where is your vibration? What can you do to feel good about whatever is happening to you? Step back and look at what’s happened and then ask yourself how important this thing really is in your life. Can you regroup? What needs to change in order for you to enjoy what’s coming up?

Perspective is what’s important. Then, next is knowing that whatever happens can be the best that ever happened to you – you just have to make it that way – declare it good! Know that the Universe is always taking care of you and that all you have to do is focus on the good and more good will come. It may not be what you initially planned but it will be good! Believe that and trust in what has happened and what will happen.

Enjoy your life!


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