Derek Jeter Demonstrated The Power of Emotions

New York Yankees Wallpaper 50Those of you who know me even the slightest little bit know that I am an avid New York Yankees fan (maybe that should say “rabid” instead of “avid”). By the way, there is a big difference between being a baseball fan (which I am not – I actually think the game is rather boring to watch even though I love to play softball) and being a Yankees fan. But I digress.

This year, the Yankees have been terrible because everyone (and I mean almost every single big name star) has been on the Disabled List (DL). They had been keeping their head above water but just barely.  But they couldn’t score any runs or hit home runs (they are, after all, called the Bronx Bombers).

Yesterday, Derek Jeter – the Captain – returned from a very long stint on the Disabled List from a fractured ankle last fall.  This has been a long awaited return and emotions were very high at the ballpark (and in my living room).

His first at bat was in the first inning. And yep, the movie script couldn’t have been any better. He hit the first pitch out of the park – and Derek Jeter is NOT a home run hitter. However, he’s hit two very big ones in the last couple of years. One was for his 3000th hit, a very big accomplishment in baseball. The other was yesterday when the Yankees desperately needed to stop  the skidding they were doing.

Not only did that hit put them ahead in the game but it ignited a fervor they had not experienced in a long time. The rest of the game was back and forth, lead wise, but the Yankees always maintained the higher vibrations.

The confidence and excitement instilled in them by Derek Jeter’s return raised their vibrations and enhanced their beliefs that they could win. And win they did – in dramatic fashion as well – something they have NOT done all year.

When you are excited, enthused, encouraged by something, your emotions and subsequently your vibrations will rise and then you will be unstoppable. Find that thing that takes you up, up and away emotionally and you will soar on top of the world!


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