Did You Know You Can Change Your Beliefs…And Change Your Life?

Did you know you can choose your beliefs? Your beliefs are just thoughts, standards or ideas that others have embedded in your subconscious mind so frequently that you came to believe them. You can change these thoughts. You can eliminate the ones you no longer choose to believe. Then you can replace those thoughts with beliefs you decide you want to adopt. Let’s talk about these things.

Your parents constantly told you things. Most were well intentioned and in an attempt to guide you through life in the way they thought was proper or to protect you. However, not all of their ideas are accurate nor did all of them serve you well. For example, I was always told I was no good with money. So guess what happened? Yep, that’s right. I grew up not really knowing how to manage my finances. I’m sure you’ve heard about the experiment where one teacher tells a group of poorly performing students how smart they are and that they are the best in the school etc. And lo and behold, they became the best and the smartest. The teacher believed in them and then they came to believe in themselves.  It’s all about what you believe.

Write down the first memory you have of a belief that you want to eliminate. You know the kind of beliefs I’m talking about. These are the things like, “You’re not good with money,” or, “If you didn’t go to college you won’t make money,” or, “You don’t have the personality for it,” or, “You don’t know enough. You’re not smart enough.” Write down any of those things and if possible when was the first time you heard it and who said it. Once you figure out who said it and where it came from, then the first thing you need to say is, “Why am I giving them the authority to make my life miserable and make me feel want, lack and limitation? Why am I today allowing something that heard 30 years ago to influence what I’m doing today?” That’s what you’re doing.

If somebody told you long ago, “Count your change. People want to cheat you,” then you’ll set yourself up to be cheated. Don’t believe that from somebody else. You say, “I am honest, therefore I only attract honest people to me. I will not accept what my great grandmother said about people and their honesty.”

Spend about 15 minutes every day listing beliefs that you now know you’ve had and do the same thing with them. These are not beliefs that you choose today. These things are so very important. The only way to get rid of them is to look at them and ask, “Why do I think that they knew?”

Keep these things in your journal. Review them frequently and most importantly keep the list of these beliefs updated. You’ll find more and more as you peel back the layers of that onion. If you want to find out more about how to continue replacing your beliefs why don’t you check out The Art of Making Things Happen


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