Direct Your Energies Toward A Goal

Direct Your Energies Toward A Goal

When your energies are constructively directed to a specific end,non-essentials have a way of falling aside. All the petty thoughts, useless relationships, ill tempers, destructive emotions that often results in ill health, discouragement and failure have no place in your life when you begin thinking of how you want your life to really be.

Things cannot improve in an outer way until things change in an inner way, because the inner processes of the mind control all of the outer experiences of our lives. if you are in the midst of apparent failure, financial difficulties, or restlessness and dissatisfaction with your work, none of these conditions should prevent you from thinking thoughts of abundance, plans for riches, and mental images of the success you seek. Nothing can stop you from moving toward your goals mentally. You should then ask Divine Intelligence what next steps you are to take to bring forth your desires.

Remember that we live in a sea of energy and intelligence and we have constant access to its benefits – if we ask for them.

There is an Answer

This is a friendly universe but people who don’t realize that continue to be in confusion and dissatisfaction. They don’t realize that the supreme intelligence will loving answer their call for guidance IF WE ASK FOR IT!

Here’s a lengthy affirmation “Divine intelligence, what positive, constructive, creative thought, word, attitude or action is my next step to improve my present work? What is the next step into the abundance, satisfaction and freedom that is mine by divine right?”

There once was a man  who got out a job that no longer satisfied him by doing this: He bought a little black book and began putting into it the biggest, richest, most successful ideas and statements he could find. This helped expand his thinking and helped him remain peaceful, poised and inspired in the face of job dissatisfaction. After this the biggest job of his life opened to him.

He began his day by opening his little black book and meditating on those ideas. He would affirm “I proclaim  this day and all of its activities good. My own right and perfect work await me this day.”

When discouragement crept in or some upsetting experience arose he said “Nothing can defeat me. I give thanks for the perfect,immediate right results. I rejoice that I am now successful in all my ways.”


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3 thoughts on “Direct Your Energies Toward A Goal

  1. What an amazing post Terrie! I tend to forget about the universal intelligence having all the answers for me if I write down what I want and listen intuitively for the answers. Maintaining only positive thoughts and focus is so important, especially when we get discouraged. Thank you.

  2. I give thanks for this writing today, perfect for me to read at this time. I was shopping and yearning today to find books to enhance my understanding of truths, love and God’s will for me, essentially any material that can aid in my new spiritual search. Yet, I had an ah ha moment when I was reading your writings. I meditated today with the same thoughts, not as eloquaintly put, and and wondered if I was on the right path. I am grateful God leads me in such ways, his gifts are ingenious.
    Light and Love

  3. Lauren,
    Thank you for letting me help you remember the easy way to get what you want and need in the universe. I’m so glad you read this and it helped.

    This is so cool that you were led to this post to reinforce your own thoughts. Isn’t it cool how things like that work.Thank you for letting me know about it!