Divine Wisdom

divine wisdomYou can be a success if you rely on Divine Wisdom. Often when we’ve done something that hasn’t turned out exactly like we would have wanted, we think back and say something like “I just knew that wasn’t the right thing to do” – that means you didn’t listen to Divine Wisdom.

What is Divine Wisdom? People call it different things but it’s the Universal Mind which knows all. It can also be considered your inner source, your connection to the universe.  Your source is that connection to all that there is and your source knows  what is the correct course of action for you.

You hear me talk about always saying “Show me the way”. You can use this when you’re not certain what to do or you can use it all the time. This simple statement will guide you and give you the answers that you are looking for.

I did this when I was trying to figure out what to take with me for my Tennessee run. I packed and repacked and just couldn’t decide. So, I took a few minutes, a few deep breaths and said out loud “show me the way”, “show me what pack I should take and whether I should check my bag or try to cram it all in for carry-on”. Then I sat for a bit in silence and let the answer come to me. After that, I acted without indecision.  I realized that I would deal with whatever came to me once I had made my choices after “consulting” with the Universe (Divine Wisdom).  I love that peaceful feeling once I know I have received the correct information.

We second guess ourselves way too much.  Whenever you find yourself doing that, do what I did. It only takes a few seconds and you will be surprised at how calm you feel when you’re done. As you divine-wisdom1feel that sensation, you will know you’ve made the right decision.

Some people call it intuition or their “gut” feeling. I’m sure there are other names it’s called but it all boils down to the same thing – your source will speak to you if you ask it.

I frequently also use the phrase “Let the Truth Be Revealed” – this is one I use when I’m not really after an immediate answer but want to know what is going on with a situation or if I want others to see the truth of a situation. But you certainly can use it to assist you perhaps with more complex scenarios that you’re not sure how to maneuver.

The key point to all of this is that you know that there is an energy outside of you (although it is also within you) that will provide you with the answers you need when you are uncertain about something. Just as you do when you’ve used contrast to figure out what you want, you simply have to ask for the answer.


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