Do You Choose To Have Life In Your Body?

That’s another teleseminar I’ve done, “Practice What You Preach.” I believe that as we learn the value of words, and what words really mean in our lives, we can stop saying anything to puts lack and limitation into our lives.

I don’t think we’re supposed to have lack, poverty, poor health or no money. Our lives are supposed to be as the beloved of God, as to the kingdom, to have whatever we choose to have.

The first step is in making a choice. What do we choose to have in our lives? I choose to have a good life. What makes up a good life? Happiness, health, prosperity, peace of mind, wonderful relationships and a spiritual attitude of all good coming to us. When we can do this, our thoughts will change the outer self.

People say this is not reality if there is lack of any kind. It’s an invisible thing. Folks, whatever you see in your life is your report card. If you see poor health, fear, anxiety, frustration and bad relationships, then you somehow have a belief system that you’re into struggle.


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