Do You Have a Personal Trainer For Your Soul?

personal_trainer_with_treadmill_400_clr_3845You’ve heard me talk about Dan, my former personal trainer – the man who changed my life completely – in only 2 1/2 years! And, although he was “supposed” to only work on my body, he definitely impacted my emotions, my spirit and every possible part of my life. That is what changed my life – working on and with the total package.  When I signed up to work with Dan, I did so for one specific reason. I was having back pain in the right side of my upper back and thought that if I strengthened my core, that would make the pain go away. In the long run, it did NOT go away, but what I got out of all those sessions with this wonderful man for 2 1/2 years was worth so much more. I learned what was deep inside of me and more importantly, I learned to believe in myself – something which I had not done for over 60 years before Dan.

Coaches or trainers are vital if you want to go about changing your life.  You can tell them what you want to work on and aim toward that  goal but a  “Life Coach” or a “Law of Attraction” coach (which is what I am certified as) will help you see what’s going on in your entire life because, you know what? If you have resistance (a block) in one area of your life, it will definitely be impacting your success in other areas. Even though you can still achieve things in these other areas, your success will multiply significantly and your momentum will increase dramatically if you address the areas with resistance.

Think of it this way – when you go on a trip and there’s construction or an accident on the road (even if it’s in the opposite direction from where you’re going), you won’t get there as fast as you could have if you had one of those up to date technological GPS systems that monitor the traffic as you drive. It would have directed you differently so that you’d miss the accident, the block. That block in your road impacts everything you’re trying to do – you can’t get to work quickly, you might miss a meeting because of that, you will increase the internal stress you’re feeling especially if you have something that needs to be done. You might be late for a date with another person. That would impact your relationships as would the internal discomfort you’re feeling. All aspects of your life are impacted by this one block. If you know your way around the town, you could exit and work around the block.

In the same way, a coach will help you when you come up against a block in your life. You might recognize that it’s a block but don’t know what to do about it or you might not even realize you have a block. A “personal trainer for your soul” (a coach) will help you identify these areas of resistance and guide you to figure out what you want to do and what you can do to work around it.  Remember the saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results.  Sometimes people just keep trying things that are actually variations on the same theme over and over again yet get nowhere substantial. Your “spiritual personal trainer” will help you identify what is the same activity and ask you how you’ve faired when you’ve used that technique before. A “spiritual personal trainer” will guide you but allow you to come up with your own solutions. Everyone who is successful has a team behind them. This is no different. Your “spiritual personal trainer” is a vital part of your team.

Consider hiring a coach, a spiritual personal trainer. I have had several and I would not change that at all. I have achieved so much more in my life than I would ever have been able to simply by fumbling around on my own.

Try it, you’ll like it! If you have experience with a coach, talk about it in the comment box below. Let others know about your success.


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